Sustainable Steps

Sustainable Steps
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Spray Foam Magazine – Fall 2022 – Having a large company does not mean that longevity is guaranteed. Being reminded of the basics when it comes to sustainability will help keep the business thriving through the peaks and valleys of the economy. For example, a large company may rely on cash injection from a third party, while others may make a profit from a big sale, but they need to concentrate on a stable customer base to ensure that profit margin stays high.

There are a number of factors that contribute to a successful business, but sustainability is close to the top of that list. Why is it so important, and what steps can a business take to make sure they achieve success?

Sustainable is a word that is widely used in the foam insulation industry to accompany the energy efficiency and durability of the material. However, when it comes to a spray foam business, the word sustainability also refers to a level sustained, and the sustainability of economic growth. With supply chain issues, rising energy prices, and inflation these Top Tips listed in this article will help remind businesses to keep consistent in their overall intents.

1. Media can keep a brands voice consistent

Sharing a company’s ideologies and objectives is essential for maintaining sustainability and flow. A marketing department therefore needs to have a clear understanding of the company’s culture to achieve a successful interpretation of its voice to the outside world. This voice is then projected through various forms of media to reach a wider audience.

2. Adaptability  

For a company to achieve sustainability it needs to adapt accordingly. Survival, along with long-term resilience and growth, depends on having systems in place to modify steps to current situations as they materialize. This all needs to be done without sacrificing a company’s objective. The inclination to experiment with different ideas, especially during a predicament, will help safeguard a company’s sustainability. The difference between adapting to a situation rather than pivoting is that you can learn and grow from it rather than pivoting and avoiding it altogether. Consider a challenge as chance to progress towards better performance.

3. Listen to your Customers

Listen to your customers’ needs and wants and structure a business plan around them. Acting from the inside out, will help build a justifiable method and keep objectives clear for the company.

4. Listen to your Employees

Listen to your employees wants and needs and what enables them to thrive in the workplace. This could be as simple as a review assessing their career objects to vacation time. Treating your employees with respect and understanding will help productivity in the workplace.

5. Encourage Inquisitiveness

Leading with both an honest and approachable persona will inspire the same attitude in others. If a person is in a position of leadership, it should no longer result in being detached from someone in the company who is not. Asking the question, “who do I encourage, motivate and inspire,” these are key features of a progressive leader.

6. Electronic Brainstorm & innovation

Encouraging your team to share their ideas can result in creative results. The old form of brainstorming, which is basically gathering around the board room table and bouncing ideas around, is now seen as ‘old style.’ Instead, why not use the online method. This can be as simple as using an internet chat method, like Microsoft Messenger. Key pointers to follow are:

  • Cultivate and improve on ideas constructed by others
  • Don’t criticize
  • Register any idea produced, no matter how far fetched
  • Focus on one area of business for each electronic brainstorm meeting

7. Display your eco credentials

Implementation of environmental sustainability, businesses are making steps to help the environment, but in turn will introduce themselves to a broader customer base. These additional customers will help support the business through turbulent times.

8. Encourage self-management

Promoting a self-management style, will encourage employees to do the same. It will, in retrospect, have a positive effect on the purpose of the company too. It would be very challenging for the company if most employees could not stay on task, on strategy, or on schedule. There will be disorder and chaos within the organization, and things will not run as smoothly as you want.

Advocating self-management is even more critical when we consider empowering employees across the organization to become more creative, innovative, and resourceful. When employees understand their tasks, obligations, and objectives, they can make informed choices thus helping with the overall accomplishments of the company in its entirety.

Profit aside, questioning the driving force behind your company, will help sustain the business. In addition, detecting opportunities for value creation, will also result in achieving desired goals. If you have not already, apply these ‘top tips’ and help make your company thrive.

By: Spray Foam Magazine Staff on Sep 29, 2022
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