• Train to Gain

    • By Robert Naini
    • Added on Feb 01, 2023

    Time and time again, when I ask SPF Contractors about their biggest challenges, by far the number one response I get is LABOR. This has been an ongoing challenge for the SPF industry for many years and as we continue to grow it will continue to become more and more of a problem. read more

  • Getting Through Winter with your Rig

    • By Ken Anderson
    • Added on Nov 30, 2022

    Cold weather is right around the corner and that can spell problems for an unprepared spray foam contractor. When the winter weather strikes, it can cause problems for spray foamers like pump cavitation, poor adhesion, shrinking foam, and lower yields. To combat these issues, here are a few tips to get you ready. read more

  • Sustainable Steps

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Sep 29, 2022

    Having a large company does not mean that longevity is guaranteed. Being reminded of the basics when it comes to sustainability will help keep the business thriving through the peaks and valleys of the economy. For example, a large company may rely on cash injection from a third party, while others may make a profit from a big sale, but they need to concentrate on a stable customer base to ensure that profit margin stays high. read more

  • Remediation, Renovation & Repair

    • By Mitch Clifton, EVP Construction Foam, NCFI
    • Added on Aug 01, 2022

    There may be no more important decision to building owners than the integrity of their building’s roof. Of course, there may be no more overlooked choice than roofing material either. Usually, the type of material is dictated by the design of the building and may be spec’d by the architect or designer, however sometimes the contractor makes the choice. read more

  • Efficiency Techniques

    • By SWD
    • Added on May 31, 2022

    What is efficiency? This term gets used a lot, especially when it comes to the subject of increasing your bottom line, but what does it really mean as a spray foam contractor and why does it matter? A lot of talk around efficiency in our industry centers on the energy savings that spray foam provides to the consumer, but for contractor’s, efficiency is the ability to deliver their services in a cost-effective way while maintaining quality. read more

  • Put a Plan in Place

    • By Mac Sheldon
    • Added on Mar 30, 2022

    The mantra for spray foam professionals is to Spray it Tight and Ventilate Right! This means ventilating three different ways, and each is vitally important to the success and profit of your job, and each comes with some cost. The most important point regarding cost is it’s far more expensive to not ventilate than to ventilate properly. read more

  • “Please Deduct for Windows & Studs...”

    • By Profoam Corporation
    • Added on Dec 01, 2021

    A spray foam contractor recently asked how to handle customers wanting to deduct for windows, studs, etc. with some even doing so after the job is complete. To avoid this situation altogether it is recommended to provide a total price for a project based on a minimum average thickness of foam in the building structure to be insulated. On some occasions a contractor may offer a square foot price as a job quote. read more

  • Structural Strength

    • By John Davidson
    • Added on Sep 27, 2021

    When insulating a home or a commercial space with spray foam, it is important to understand the types of spray foam insulation and where they are best suited for application. Spray foam insulation is a popular approach to temperature retention and control that helps promote energy savings and lowers costs. However, not all spray foam is equally applicable to any space. Using the wrong type of insulation in a particular location is at best minimally effective, or worse, can introduce new issues. read more

  • Unlocking Options for Architects

    • By Kevin Wiacek, Product Marketing Manager, Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation
    • Added on Jul 23, 2021

    Keeping commercial construction projects on schedule may require architects and engineers to entertain not in-kind product substitutions for common building materials. Exposing more architects to the benefits of spray foam insulation and simplifying the substitution process positions the SPF industry to benefit in the long term. This article provides an overview of specifications, product testing, and certification requirements commonly encountered in the commercial construction market. read more

  • The Evolution of Blowing Agents

    • By Cassie Todtenhagen, Spray Foam Product Manager, Johns Manville
    • Added on May 25, 2021

    In order to meet emerging regulations, the spray foam industry is constantly working to develop new generations of spray foams that phase out or reduce the impact of ingredients with ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP). For reference (and as described in more detail below), ODP measures the potential impact on the Earth’s protective ozone layer, and GWP measures potential impacts contributing to atmospheric warming. read more

  • Unsinkable Boats

    • By Robert Naini
    • Added on Mar 23, 2021

    The use of polyurethane foam in the marine and boating industry is well documented. Polyurethane foam is built into boat cores and is added to areas of dead space within a boat’s hull to improve the buoyancy and add to the vessel’s flotation capability. read more