SprayWorks Announces New Scholarship for Innovative Students

SprayWorks Announces New Scholarship for Innovative Students
Canton, OH – August 6, 2018 – SprayWorks is proud to announce its new scholarship program, The James Davidson Innovative Student Scholarship. The scholarship is named after SprayWorks Equipment Group owner, James Davidson. James has been designing robots and equipment for Polyurethanes for three decades and has contributed thousands of hours teaching Polyurethane professionals how to create careers in the industry. 

The James Davidson Innovative Student Scholarship was designed to encourage Chemical Science students to create innovation in their chosen industry and during their university education. The scholarship will be awarded to one student pursuing a career in Chemical Science with a GPA of 2.5 or above. Students are asked to submit an essay detailing how they currently are or how they plan to create innovation through Chemical Science. SprayWorks' goal through The James Davidson Innovative Student Scholarship is to not only create innovation, but to raise awareness of the Polyurethane industry and how students can obtain a career in Polyurethanes.

To apply for the scholarship or learn more about the scholarship, please visit https://sprayworksequipment.com/the-james-davidson-innovative-student-scholarship/ . Deadline to submit is December 21, 2018. The scholarship will be awarded in Spring 2019. 

“This scholarship is an opportunity for us to give back,” says James Davidson, Owner, SprayWorks Equipment Group “our industry needs to start investing in future generations to create opportunities for growth in the industry.” 

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