Take PDA's Newly Updated Applicator Course!

Take PDA's Newly Updated Applicator Course!

Spray Foam News – May 31st, 2023 – PDA has rewritten their PDA Applicator Course!

Registration will close on Monday, June 5th, and there are two (2) spots remaining - register today using the buttons below.

Attendees of the PDA Applicator Level I course will also learn about Polyurea Concepts. In this portion of the training session, attendees will learn the history of polyurea technology, proper safety procedures, general application/equipment knowledge, and basic material processing information. In addition you will explore specific fast-set polyurea spray system that have been specifically designed to fit the needs and demands of a variety of field applications. A great chance to ask questions, get informed and gain knowledge.

The Level I course is a combination course of classroom and hands on spraying to achieve Applicator Qualification after the completion of a written exam. During this course you will learn about polyurea safety, application, equipment, troubleshooting, and applied testing. You will also understand the importance substrate characterization, general surface prep, primer use and topcoat requirements. This highly recommended course is great for both new and experienced polyurea applicators, as the course is updated yearly as new standards, formulation developments and information comes available. This is a 3-day course, run in combination with Polyurea Concepts.

The PDA Applicator Level I course is required to earn your PDA Qualified Applicator card.

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By: PDA on May 31, 2023
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