PDA Announces Q2 Applicator Level 1 Training School

PDA Announces Q2  Applicator Level 1 Training School

KANSAS CITY, KS – March 25, 2024 – Join PDA for the second Applicator Level 1 training school of 2024!

Polyurea Applicator Level 1
Monday, April 22 - Wednesday, April 24

PPG Facility

686 Adams Street,

Kansas City, KS 66105

The second PDA Applicator Level 1 training school is coming up! Registration will close at 5PM on Friday, April 12. Register today to claim one of the five remaining spots!

Where to Stay?

PDA is recommending attendees stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel located at

1301 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO

This property is only 4.3 miles via I-670E. Estimated room rates are $160.00/night.
Please note: hotel stays are not included with your registration fee.

Polyurea Concepts

The concepts course is designed for anyone interested in Polyurea Systems and general application. Over the course of 4 - 8 hours (depending on class size) you will learn the history of polyurea technology, proper safety procedures, general application/equipment knowledge, and basic material processing information. In addition you will explore specific fast-set polyurea spray system that have been specifically designed to fit the needs and demands of a variety of field applications. A great chance to ask questions, get informed and gain knowledge.

Polyurea Applicator Level I
The Level I course is a combination course of classroom and hands on spraying to achieve Applicator Qualification after the completion of a written exam. During this course you will learn about polyurea safety, application, equipment, troubleshooting, and applied testing. You will also understand the importance substrate characterization, general surface prep, primer use and topcoat requirements. This highly recommended course is great for both new and experienced polyurea applicators, as the course is updated yearly as new standards, formulation developments and information comes available. This is a 3-day course, run in combination with Polyurea Concepts.

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