• Chemical Industry Council Honors Covestro

    • Added on Oct 17, 2016

    Covestro has recently started using carbon dioxide to produce a key component for making high-grade polyurethane foam thanks to an innovative process that saves on the petroleum-based raw material traditionally used. read more

  • Shepherd Chemical Wins 2016 Polyurethane Innovation Award

    • Added on Sep 29, 2016

    This year’s Polyurethane Innovation Award finalists also included Dow’s VORA Zzz™ ultra-high airflow and moisture-wicking foam technology used in bedding applications, and Huntsman’s VITROX® HC 98010 polyol with SUPRASEC® 9801 isocyanate, a resin solution used in the chassis of the Bright Lite Structures’ Zenos E10 sports car. read more

  • Dow Innovations are Key to Enabling Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    • Added on Aug 08, 2016

    The balls utilized on the Olympic hockey competition rely on a tailor made micro-foamed polyurethane (PU) core developed with Dow polyols. The PU core uniquely provides higher-performance and more consistency than hockey balls made with traditional vulcanised cork and rubber cores or solid polymer cores. read more

  • Solar Aircraft Becomes Technology Driver

    • Added on Jul 19, 2016

    he Covestro researchers achieved this by reducing the pores to micrometer scale, with 96 percent of the foam consisting of gaseous blowing agent and only four percent solid polyurethane. read more