Intech Equipment & Supply Announces New Branch in Arkansas

Intech Equipment & Supply Announces New Branch in Arkansas

Intech Equipment & Supply, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, recently announced the opening of a new branch in Arkansas. Central Spray Systems, located in Springdale, AR, specializes in portable spray foam equipment packages and systems.

“We are thrilled that Frank Soares and Jill Jones [of Central Spray Systems] have decided to join the team at Intech Equipment. Intech has provided parts, equipment, and technical support to Frank for the past ten years. The relationship with Frank and his company was very positive and we decided to offer Frank the opportunity to officially come on board with Intech Equipment to open our new branch. The Arkansas location allows us to better service roofing and insulation contractors in the Central and Southeastern parts of the country,” says John Toolis, Managing Partner of Intech Equipment.

Central Spray Systems has a very knowledgeable and experienced staff, including Frank Soares, “the creator and mastermind of user friendly portable and specialty spray foam devices such as the TM200 roll stand unit and the popular Rig in the Box component assembly.” His expertise in designing and fabricating specialized portable, spray foam equipment packages enables the company to offer unique products to fit any contractor’s needs. His latest design is the Freedom Spiider Evolution. The FS Evolution was designed to have access to confined spaces such as high rises and agricultural buildings with low ceilings. Meanwhile, Jill Jones has received an award from the Governor of Arkansas for outstanding Customer Service.

The company also maintains an extensive inventory of spray foam and coatings equipment, including proportioners, guns and supplies for Graco, Gusmer and Glascraft. The branch was recently expanded to accommodate regional equipment training and to support commercial roofing contractors, insulation contractors and material suppliers. 

About Intech Equipment & Supply
Intech Equipment & Supply, founded in 1995, provides the spray foam insulation & roofing industries with equipment, parts, turnkey mobile spray systems and expert technical assistance. With strategic locations in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Missouri, and New Jersey, the company’s mission is to “increase [their customers’] bottom line with excellent customer service, quick troubleshooting and fast parts delivery.” Over the years, the full service company has “custom designed and built hundreds of mobile spray rigs, installed hundreds of proportioners and coatings sprayers, and supplied thousands of spray guns.” For more information about Intech Equipment & Supply, visit

About Central Spray Systems
Central Spray Systems takes pride in offering nothing short of the best in single and plural component proportioners and other supplies for the ever growing spray foam industry. They maintain a large inventory of high performance coatings and spray foam equipment from the industry’s top brands and can also custom-build equipment to meet any company’s unique needs. For more information, visit or call 479-419-9331. 

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