Graco Introduces Reactor 2 – Hydraulic Series Sprayers

Graco Introduces Reactor 2 – Hydraulic Series Sprayers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN– Jun. 12, 2015 – Graco Inc., a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, today formally introduced the Reactor® 2 Hydraulic Series of plural-component sprayers. The Reactor 2 series of sprayers provides software and hardware advancements that help contractors apply materials more accurately. Reactor 2 offers innovative data reporting technologies that help owners track and record jobsite activity and spraying parameters.

“The Reactor 2 hydraulic line of sprayers combines the rugged, dependability of the hydraulic line with all of the industry leading features and benefits of the Reactor 2 spray platform,” said Tryg Waterhouse, product marketing manager, Graco Applied Fluid Technologies Division. “Just like the Reactor 2 Electric Series of sprayers which was launched last year, the hydraulic series of Reactor 2 sprayers gives our customers a true ‘best of the best’ solution for spray foam and polyurea applications.”

Customer-inspired changes include: the relocation of electronics for easier service; and an advanced hydraulic control module with a sacrificial surge protector for added protection. The control modules are backed by a three-year extended warranty. The Advanced Display Module (ADM) features data download, chemical recipe storage, drum level indicators and on-screen troubleshooting.

The Reactor 2 Elite model sprayers comes with an inlet pressure and temperature sensor (that interfaces with the ADM and Graco InSite™ remote reporting system), Xtreme-Wrap™ Scuff Guard on heated hoses for Reactor 2 sprayer packages, and Graco InSite™ remote monitoring service free for six months. Graco InSite remote reporting technology enables owners of spray foam businesses to see real-time jobsite data via smart phone, tablet or computer.

About Graco: Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coatings in both industrial and commercial applications. It designs, manufactures and markets systems and equipment to move, measure, control, dispense, and spray fluid and powder materials. A recognized leader in its specialties, Minneapolis-based Graco serves customers around the world in the manufacturing, processing, construction, and maintenance industries. For additional information about Graco Inc., please use the contact information and links provided below or follow Graco on Twitter @GracoInc and @GracoSprayFoam.

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