American Chemistry Council Launches Website Highlighting Chemistry in Building and Construction Materials

American Chemistry Council Launches Website Highlighting Chemistry in Building and Construction Materials

WASHINGTON, D.C. – (February 26, 2016 – The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has launched, to provide architects, material specifiers, interior designers and other building and construction professionals with tools and information about green building codes and standards, materials selection, and the role of chemistry in developing innovative, sustainable building materials.

“Many of the materials and products used to build the homes, schools and office buildings where we live and work every day rely on the safety, energy savings, durability and other sustainability and performance benefits that the products of chemistry provide,” said Richard Skorpenske, director of advocacy and sustainability at Covestro, and chair of ACC’s Building and Construction Subcommittee. “We created this new website to contribute to thoughtful, informed decisions about the materials in today’s innovative, modern and sustainable building applications.”

The website includes an interactive graphic of a mixed use residential building which highlights how chemical ingredients are used in materials, from polycarbonate panels in skylights, to plastics in piping, to nylon and polyester fibers in carpeting. Individual pages feature specific chemicals used in a range of B&C applications, with information on where the chemicals are used and the functionality they provide.

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The increased popularity of green building design has given rise to a variety of approaches to guide architects, designers, materials specifiers and builders in how to build “green.” A “Green Building” section provides an overview of commonly used standards, codes, certification systems and assessment tools, as well as examples of green building approaches by building type.

In addition, a subpage on “Materials Selection” highlights different approaches that specifiers, architects and designers can consider when choosing specific materials and products to use in building design and construction, taking into account factors such as a product’s sustainability, durability and carbon footprint, among others. The section includes information on specific tools to help inform materials selection decisions, such as life cycle approaches, Environmental Product Declarations, risk assessment and multi-attribute considerations.

The website also features a News page, which compiles the latest news in topics including energy efficiency, innovations and product safety.

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