You Asked, We Listened

You Asked, We Listened
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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Many of you came by our booth at Spray Foam 2024 in Las Vegas and asked how we choose our Contractor of the Year winner, so we thought we would provide you with the screening process.

Creating criteria for the “Spray Foam Contractor of the Year” contest involves identifying the key qualities and achievements that distinguish an exceptional contractor in this field. It also considers the contractor’s efforts to elevate the standards and reputation of the industry, such as mentoring new professionals, advocating for best practices, and engaging in community outreach or philanthropic activities.

The following is the comprehensive process Spray Foam Magazine goes through to determine the top three finalists and ultimately, the contest winner.

1. Initial Screening Questions

Eligibility: Are the candidates eligible according to the contest rules?

Submission Completeness: Have the candidates submitted all required materials (answered questions, provided requested images)? If the contractor does not thoroughly answer all of the initial questions and provide the requested initial photos, they are eliminated. To us, not taking the time to answer the initial questions honestly and thoroughly shows that it truly doesn’t mean that much to them.

2. First Round of Eliminations

Evaluate and narrow down submissions based on the initial screening questions. Again, eliminations are immediate if the questions are not answered and the required information is not provided.

3. Follow-up Questions for In-Depth Evaluation

Quality: How does the submission demonstrate quality within the contest’s criteria (skill, professionalism, reputation)?

Relevance: How relevant is the submission to the contest criteria.

Impact: What contribution does the contractor give within and outside of the industry? Do they give back to their community or provide services to those in need? Have they overcome personal challenges? Are they an advocate for the industry?

4. Second Round of Eliminations

Review answers to follow-up questions and further evaluate the submissions.

Committee members individually assess the submissions and select their top five candidates, ensuring a diverse range of opinions and perspectives are considered.

The Spray Foam Magazine team investigates applicants for profile inconsistencies and social media impudencies.

Do the applicant’s peers speak favorably of their character?

5. Committee Meetings and Discussion

Individual Presentations: Each committee member presents their top five candidates, outlining the reasons for their choices.

Discussion: The committee discusses each candidate’s merits, challenges, and potential impact, aiming to reach a consensus.

Ranking: Committee members use a ranking system to evaluate the presented candidates further.

6. Narrowing Down to Top 3 Finalists

After thorough discussion, the committee members rank the candidates again, considering the insights gained during the meeting.

The three common candidates within the top five are selected as the top three finalists.

7. Final Selection

The top three finalists might be subject to further verification, a phone interview, and then a final round of judging to ultimately determine the Contractor of the Year winner.

This entire process emphasizes the importance of clear criteria, structured evaluation, diverse committee perspectives, and thorough discussion to select a contest winner fairly and transparently, ensuring the final decision is well-rounded and reflective of the contest’s goals.  

We look forward to reviewing submissions to determine who will be Spray Foam Magazine's 2024 Contractor of the Year. Be sure to subscribe to the magazine and follow us on social media so that you do not miss contest entry details.

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