Single Application Thermal Barrier Coating Over Spray Foam Passes NFPA 286 Test

Single Application Thermal Barrier Coating Over Spray Foam Passes NFPA 286 Test

Elmendorf , TX - June 10, 2011 – Bayseal® CC closed cell foam with TPR2’s Fireshell® BMS TC  intumescent coating has successfully passed the NFPA 286 full scale room corner test for use over spray polyurethane foam, adding to TPR2’s already diverse portfolio of accepted systems over a multitude of foams. 

The single application coating allows code compliance using 20% thicker Bayseal® CC closed cell foam (9 ¼” ceilings, 7 ¼” walls) than other solutions.  The test was performed to the more stringent 2011 NFPA 286 revision, 2009 IBC 803.1.2, and meets NFPA 101 life safety code. 

The coverage rate of the coating onto Bayer® Bayseal® foam has resulted in significant applicator savings. “It is really exciting to now have the Bayseal® CC approved with Fireshell® BMS TC coating as a thermal barrier solution”, said Mike Healey of Austin Spray Foam LLC, one of the country’s leading Bayer users. “TPR2 coatings are hands down our preference.  Their yield in the field is significantly higher than other thermal coatings we’ve tried.  We get up to 25% higher field yield with the TPR2 products, which is a significant savings to us.  As a contractor I need the most cost effective, easy to use fire protection, and TPR2 coatings are those products.”

TPR2 Fireshell® BMS TC is a water based, ultra thin, one component coating. It is easily applied with airless spray equipment, brush or roller; eliminating the need for expensive application equipment and provides the building owner with an aesthetically pleasing form of fire protection.  The coating meets the VOC emission requirements for all 50 states, including SQAMD’s and LEED’s requirements. The coating applies like regular latex paint using an airless sprayer, and being water based, it cleans up easily. Volume discounts are available and TPR2 offers free certification training for sprayers as part of it’s programs with applicators.  

For more information, you can contact your TPR or Bayer representative for the certified reports or more info or click this TPR2 direct link

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