DC315 Announces 50+ Year Useful Life Technical Bulletin

DC315 Announces 50+ Year Useful Life Technical Bulletin

IRVINE, CA – July 13, 2015 – International Fireproof Technology, Inc., (IFTI) the manufacturers of DC315, announced today that after extensive third party testing the fire resistant properties of DC315 are not compromised after 50 years or more under normal service conditions. Testing was performed using Simulated Lifetime for Materials Flammability Testing Determined from Materials Arrhenius Testing.

Gary Wolfe, Worldwide Director of IFTI stated, “Simply put, several of our DC products, like, DC315 will perform after 50 years the same as the day it was installed.”
This is important industry changing testing for the SPF – Coating industry.   The fire protection performance tested on “Experimental Group (after 1101.34 kGy radiation)” is equivalent to the fire protection performance of “Control Group (without radiation)”. 

“IFTI – DC 315 has performed a lot of testing,” stated Richard Guarneri, IFTI’s Director of Technology. “IFTI goes to great lengths to support our SPF manufactures and the industry at large, but our Useful Life Testing may be the most important industry test we have ever conducted."

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IFTI continues to lead a charge for the expansion of the use of SPF safely through its testing, and its own stringent industry leading policies. 

“Our useful life testing already landed a large international airport,” stated Wolfe. “We expect several more large airports to go to bid in late 2015 or early 2016, specifying DC315 with its Useful Life Warranty”.  

One of the largest commercial architectural firms that handles many large SPF - coatings specifications per year will be exclusively specifying DC315 on future jobs.

“This new bar set by IFTI – DC 315 for a coating over SPF is in response to the many requests we get from Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s),” said Wolfe. “They ask: ‘how do we know how long your product will perform?’, which is a fair and – until now – unanswered question! The jobs we are developing for the SPF industry are new opportunities. Typical to IFTI, we embraced the question as a hurdle and opportunity for the SPF- Coating industry.”

IFTI has released this information to hundreds of Fire Marshals and AHJ’s and the response from them has been overwhelming. A West Coast Fire Marshall summed up the overall sentiment of the AHJ’s: “Thank you, your company continues to make our job easier by ensuring that SPF is applied in a safe manner.”

About International Fireproof Technology, Inc.: IFTI manufactures state-of-the-art intumescent fire retardants and thermal barrier coatings. Designed and tested for the global market, IFTI's products are widely used in hospitals, restaurants, nursing facilities, commercial buildings, and residential homes. IFTI's products, including DC315, fall under the Paint to Protect brand, and have been developed to provide superior cost-effective fire protection over spray polyurethane foam. For more information, please use the contact details or visit their website.

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