RICOWI Monitoring Aftermath Of Hurricane Idalia in Florida

RICOWI Monitoring Aftermath Of Hurricane Idalia in Florida

FLORIDA – September 1, 2023 – On Wednesday, August 30, 2023, Hurricane Idalia struck Florida’s gulf coast as a Category 3 storm.  

Hurricane Idalia met the basic criteria for a RICOWI wind event. The Storm  Investigation Program (SIP) identifies an event as "A major hurricane making landfall in  a heavily populated area in Florida, or in an area previously investigated by RICOWI,  with wind speeds at or above ASCE 7-2005 design levels based on early projections by  NOAA/NHC and/or other credible sources. Alternatively, a hurricane similarly projected  by NOAA/NHC to include one-minute sustained wind speeds equal or greater than 95  mph (Category II) making landfall along the northeast corridor."

SIP Program Coordinator David Roodvoets reports, “Although the Florida coast in the  area of landfall is not very populated, there is a heavy concentration of residential area  starting at about 15 miles from the coast…Idalia is a much different storm than Ian. It is  fast moving at 18 to 20mph. The wind dropped just before coming on shore and  continued to drop as it moved inland…NOAA is flying over and has sent some good  images. There appears to be little significant roof damage. Of course, only ground study  could provide data on minor damage. One exception is Horseshoe Beach where there  is structural damage and lots of debris [could all be storm surge]. It appears the area  was built between 1999 and 2004, with some exceptions earlier or later. So far it looks  difficult to see any damage in the primary landfill areas.” 

SIP Program Coordinator Roodvoets is asking for anyone with eyes on the ground in the  area of Weeki Watchee, Florida and North to report if there is significant inland wind/roof damage. Please email Dave at 1dlrconsul@charter.net or call (614) 519-0761. 

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