Pennsylvania Spray Foam Contractor Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Pennsylvania Spray Foam Contractor Celebrates 50 Years in Business
Congratulations to JJD Urethane for Continued Success in the SPF Inudstry

SOUDERTON, PA – March 11, 2021 – Since 1971 JJD Urethane Company, Inc. has worked in the Spray Polyurethane Foam industry to cover millions of square feet of roofs of all sizes and shapes, as well as, insulating all kinds of spaces. Their projects range in size from small residential crawl spaces, attics and closets to municipal water tanks and commercial and industrial roof applications. In addition to new projects and renovations.

John DiNenna is both an entrepreneur and the founder of JJD Urethane. He is self-taught when it comes to Spray Polyurethane and in1971 he was among only a handful of spray foam businesses in the U.S. John spotted the industry potential and so learned as much as he could about it. He worked hard to grow JJD Urethane Company and soon established its reputation for being a professional service driven company. He has sprayed roofs throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland and is especially proud of his work with Philadelphia and the many commercial and municipal properties he and his crew have completed.  

John says, “We have found that by working in areas that are in close proximity of us, we can service them better, and in that way, keep them as long-term clients. Our mission is to provide the best roofing system or insulation application we can produce, so we can serve our customers to the best of our ability.”

JJD Urethane Company have had many noteworthy projects big and small, throughout their company’s history. In 2014 they sprayed the roof at the City of Philadelphia Central Labs at Castor and Hunting Park Lanes, and to this day continue to have an annual contract with the water department to repair any of their spray foamed roofs.

In 2019 the JJD Urethane Company applied Spray Polyurethane Foam over an EPDM roof at the Steel Ice Center in Bethlehem, PA. The following year they completed some very large projects at Titan Energy Park in Bellefonte, PA – re-imagined industrial sites that are now home to several businesses. In that same year they also worked with the Philadelphia Water Department to spray foam the entire roof at the Belmont Avenue Water Treatment Plant; that’s over 475,000 square feet!

JJD Urethane Company have also applied SPF systems on many educational buildings including those at: Kutztown University, Pottstown School District, and Boyertown School District in Pennsylvania; and Harding Township Public Schools, Toms River Township School District, and recently West Morris Mendham School District – all of which are located in New Jersey. They have also foamed many digester lids of wastewater treatment plants and water tanks throughout their territory.

Throughout the years John has participated in the SPFA program becoming a Certified Master Installer and project manager/estimator for both roofing and insulation. In 1989/1990 John was part of the Accreditation Committee that created the SPFA standards for organizations and worked to create courses for students and companies to become certified. John’s specialty was Quality Control.

In 1992 JJD Urethane Company successfully completed the requirements to become a SPFA Certified company – one of only two companies in that year. Since 1992 JJD continues to be one of only a handful of contractors that have continuously met or exceeded the requirements for company certification.

In 1999 John brought his son, Matthew, into the business, first as a part-time employee and upon graduation from high school as a full-time crew member. John’s years of experience and mechanics’ skills are being passed along to Matthew as he learns the craft and prepares to eventually take over at the helm. This is a specific trade that requires years of practice and understanding of the mechanics of a roof and how to reduce potential leaks. And, as many people in the industry understand, the equipment requires constant maintenance to keep it working properly. In recent years Matthew has become an Owner/Operator and Crew Foreman planning and implementing all the on-site work.

Over the past 50 years John has seen many changes to the industry, noting that prior to 2013, 95% of his work was spray polyurethane roofing with only 5% insulation. However, as homeowners and business owners have become aware of the energy-saving benefits of spray polyurethane foam insulation and the ways it maximizes the owner’s investment in the buildings, request for insulation quotes have increased about 50%. John and his crew are also aware that the industry needs to continue to promote the benefits of SPF and its “Green Energy,” along with the ease of application of silicone coatings over existing roofs, to architects, engineers, and large-scale properties. Further, the industry needs to set new standards for participation in the certification process. Too many roofers are buying the equipment and calling themselves spray foam roofers without the knowledge and practice to apply the product properly. This has a detrimental affect on the entire industry. “Being certified is something that is well overdue for all contractors in the SPF business,” says John. “We are responsible for the chemicals we apply, so we need to make sure they are being applied properly.”

2021 marks JJD Urethane Company’s 50th anniversary as a Spray Polyurethane Foam applicator. John semi-retired in 2019, however, he continues to work tirelessly, and one may even be able to find him up on a roof or crawling under someone’s porch to quote a project or spray some foam.

“We are a spray polyurethane applicator and that’s all; we’ve never diversified into any other type, so we specialize in what we do,” said John. “The fact that we have people that we did work for 20 years ago calling us to come back, says a lot about us.”

The Spray Foam Magazine team would like to say a massive “Congratulations” to John DiNenna and all of his crew at JJD Urethane Company, on the amazing accomplishment of 50 years in the industry.

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