Gunfight at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Gunfight at the Fort Worth Stockyards

FORT WORTH, TX – March 16, 2021 – This year the Sprayfoam show was postponed due to COVID-19. With that news, SFWW contractors and several suppliers pulled it together and planned an event at the Fort Worth Stockyards sure to remember.

Jack Ricks of Countryside Foam & Equipment helped us find out how this competition was structured. Spray foam installers were invited to enter a sprayer competition at the event in Texas. The First Place winner of each division would receive: a Champion Buckle, $3000 Cash, a brand new AP Fusion Gun, 1 Set of UPC foam, 1 Set of Victory Polymers foam and 1 Heater Blanket. The runners-up from each division would receive $500 cash. The prizes were also a great way to boost comradeship of being with fellow spray foamers and friends.

To enter, each Competitor sent pictures of their work to be judged by a selected panel of industry experts for approved entry. Once approved, they could choose between open-cell cavity fill division and closed-cell metal application division.

The cavity fill open-cell division had 8 competitors spraying in a 10 x 20 portable building and the application closed-cell division had 8 competitors spraying in an 8ft x 20ft conex container. Competitors were allowed to bring their own spray gun or use one provided for the competition with all equipment provided through Countryside Foam & Equipment. To make sure there were unbiased winners, all cavities and panels were judged blindly by a panel of expert judges.


Closed Cell Division

  • Rusty Schrader 1st Place Closed-Cell Division (Company) AllState Spray Foam Insulation located in Visalia, CA
  • Randy Penny 2nd Place Closed-Cell Division (Company) Legendary Foam located in Mineral Wells, TX

Open-Cell Division

  • Edgar Gonzalez 1st Place Open Cell Division (Company) Supreme Foam Insulators, LLC located in Lufkin, TX.
  • Chris Benavides 2nd place Open-Cell Division (Company) Texas Spray Foam Specialists located in Bryan, TX.

Thank you to the sponsors of this event: SFWW, SPFA, Piranha Tools, UPC, L2 Services INC, Victory Polymers, JR Insulation, Benchmark Foam Distribution, EvoSpray, Ellison Insulation, Spray Foam Isurance, Bullard, Red River Logistics, RIS, Stor-Mor Buildings, R&B Accessories, and Metro Containers.

“We Won…Now What?”

The most anticipated announcement of the event was announcing the winners of the two spray rigs being given away. This year, the winner had to be present to win. The two lucky winners were John Blackwelder of First Defense Insulation and Robert and Sarah Habermehl of Air Barrier Systems. Jenny Edwards of Glenn Insulation in Charleston, MO reflected on her time at the event and how she helped out the Habermehl’s after hearing they were in need of getting their prize back home. “Willy and I had been in Ft. Worth since the 24th of February, enjoying our time off and finally getting to meet everyone from SFWW. Robert & Sarah Habermehl, owners of Air Barrier Systems out of Wright City, MO won one of the rigs. They are based a couple of hours north of us, so it was pretty amazing to know a fellow Missourian foamer was a rig winner!”

spray foam worldwide rig winner

In the past Jenny had wondered what happened with the giveaway rig after the win but this year she was to find out, “Robert and his family had flown out to the event, and didn’t have a truck there to pull the rig home... So, of course when Robert Cockerall called upon Willy and I to meet the Habermehl family and ask if we would be able to get this gem home for them, we didn’t hesitate to say yes...We packed up the very next morning, checked out 2 days early, and hit the road home. It is always an honor to be able to help out a fellow foamer, and was an absolute pleasure to be able to get their brand-new rig home for them.” would like to congratulate all of the winners at this years event.

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