New Gen-Air-Ator Big on Power & Air, Light on Weight

New Gen-Air-Ator Big on Power & Air, Light on Weight

JACKSONVILLE, FL - April 16, 2012 - Spray foam and coatings operations can lighten their equipment load considerably with the new patent-pending Gen-Air-Ator generator set/air compressor package. Next Generation Power is the only company to direct couple an 1,800 rpm diesel generator set with a rotary vane compressor. This makes a lightweight, space-saving, fuel-efficient combination unit for many industries that require remote power and air.

Weighing just 1,460 lbs., the Gen-Air-Ator pairs a 35 kW Stamford Newage generator with a 10 hp Hydrovane rotary vane compressor producing 35 cfm @ 150 psi. Direct coupling the air compressor to the generator set's engine, rather than running it off a belt drive system, eliminates drive efficiency loss, which saves fuel.

Running both components at 1,800 rpm as one rigid assembly reduces vibration and noise, and eliminates the need for a heavy mounting frame. This creates an overall smaller package of 87" L x 23" W x 36" H, while saving up to 1,000 lbs. over comparable generator set/compressor setups. The weight savings alone is a huge benefit to the industry, enabling the design of smaller, more maneuverable trailers or box trucks.

With the generator set's 3-phase output no longer being shocked by massive compressor motor loads, it produces a much cleaner output. This is far easier on electronic controls.

The Hydrovane rotary vane compressor by Gardner Denver has no roller bearings that wear out, and gives a service life of up to 100,000 hours. Its built-in servo unloader control automatically regulates to match system demand, helping keep the Gen-Air-Ator's fuel consumption low and eliminating the need for an external air tank.

By design, rotary vane compressors perform well in abusive environments. They need far less oil than a rotary screw compressor and stand up to cold weather much better.

Next Generation Power is known for creating custom power packages and combination units to meet its customers needs. 

About Next Generation Power Engineering Inc.: Next Generation has provided unique and innovative power solutions to both the marine and industrial markets for over 10 years. The company is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. For more information, contact Next Generation: 

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