IFTI Issues Evaluation Report for Compliance to AC 456 Assembly Testing for Alternative Thermal Barriers

IFTI Issues Evaluation Report for Compliance to AC 456 Assembly Testing for Alternative Thermal Barriers

IRVINE, CA – January 27, 2017 – International Fireproof Technology, Inc. (IFTI) issued Evaluation Report CCRR-1076 for compliance to AC456 assembly testing for "Alternative Thermal Barriers," which serves as documentation supporting DC 315 compliance to the new codes for SPF assemblies using a coating as an alternative 15-Minute Thermal Barrier.

The whole basis of AC456 is a very simple concept: Life Safety insured by due diligence of the entire process of installing an SPF insulation and the fire protective coating. This offers a safety and liability security blanket for the contractor and end user. This should not be a new concept to those in the SPF industry, because how many SPF jobs could you get with SPF that is not marked, listed, and part of an ongoing third party inspection program?

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How do you assure compliance? Simply ask you coating company to give you a valid Evaluation Report that states the coating meets AC377 and AC456. If they cannot, then they are not compliant to AC456 and AC377.

IFTI will be updating our CCRR-1076 every month and we expect to add up to 24 more tests over the next 30 days to their listing. IFTI strongly suggests top include a copy of our CCRR-1076 to all Authorities having Jurisdiction (AHJ’S)

About International Fireproof Technology, Inc.: IFTI manufactures state-of-the-art intumescent fire retardants and thermal barrier coatings. Designed and tested for the global market, IFTI's products are widely used in hospitals, restaurants, nursing facilities, commercial buildings, and residential homes. IFTI's products, including DC315, fall under the Paint to Protect brand, and have been developed to provide superior cost-effective fire protection over spray polyurethane foam. For more information, please use the contact details and links provided below.

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