Getting to Know the New, Part 1: Welcome and News Updates

Getting to Know the New, Part 1: Welcome and News Updates

JUPITER, FL–July 27, 2015–As you’ve probably noticed already, the New is finally here. Over a year of planning, not to mention months and months of design work, have finally yielded major enhancements to the spray foam industry’s number-one website.

“It’s been a long journey, but we think the destination was worth it,” said Editor-in-Chief Ryan Spencer. “The website could only have been made possible by input from our users and a tremendous effort from our talented team.”

We’ve upgraded virtually every aspect of the site: the reimagined Contractor Finder and Supplier Directory; the revamped content in the Education Center; the totally new online Gear Guide–the list goes on. These changes will be a boon for our users and the industry, and we’ll be highlighting their specifics and their benefits throughout this week, beginning today with news.

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New News

News is truly the lifeblood of the spray foam industry–or any industry for that matter. So, a new wouldn’t be complete without restructuring our news section, and we’ve done exactly that.

The news stream offers a more user-friendly design with “endless” scrolling and the all-new incorporation of editorial spotlights, as well as better integration on the homepage and in listings for contractors and suppliers.

In fact, supplier listings now feature their own news feeds, tailored to whatever news has been posted about the company on Supplier news feeds are located on the lower right hand side of their listings and can be accessed by clicking the “Load More” button, which leads to a news feed page dedicated to each supplier.

The New SprayFoamcom Supplier Listing News Feed

We'll be back tomorrow with more about the Contractor Finder and Supplier Directory.

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