DC 315 Receives Certification Over Lapolla Spray Foam

DC 315 Receives Certification Over Lapolla Spray Foam

Elmendorf, TX - December 17, 2010 -- International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) announced today that DC 315 passed an NFPA 286 and AC 377 appendix X tests as a spray applied thermal and ignition barrier over Lapolla’s FL 500 .5 pound open cell foam. The certified testing was conducted at Intertek’s Texas facility just before the Thanksgiving holiday. This is in addition to DC 315 passing an NFPA 286 test over Lapolla’s FL 2000 2 pound closed cell foam last August.  DC 315 now qualifies as a one product, code compliant solution over Lapolla’s most popular foam products.

“This is very exciting for us”, says Gary Wolfe Executive Vice President for IFTI. “We anticipate and look forward to a great working relationship with Lapolla in 2011 and for years to come.” 

As a one coat, water based latex paint with a coverage rate of ~80 sq. ft. / gallon for Lapolla FL 500 open cell and ~73 sq. ft. / gallon for Lapolla FL 2000 2 pound closed cell, DC 315 is the most economical thermal barrier coating on the market. However, not only is DC 315 a thermal barrier solution but it’s equally viable as an ignition barrier at ~200 sq. ft. / gallon. DC 315 meets the VOC emission requirements for use in classroom and office environments as defined in the CA DHS Standard Practice. Thus, the testing requirements are met to qualify the product as a low emitting material in the “Collaborative for High Performance Schools” rating system. The product applies like regular latex paint using an airless sprayer, and being water-based, offers easy clean up. 

DC 315 has now passed thermal barrier testing, with both UL 1715 and NFPA 286 certified tests, over many different types of spray polyurethane insulation.  Please contact IFTI at 949-975-8588 for further information or to request a copy of the certified testing documents.

International Fireproof Technology will be updating its website at www.painttoprotect.com with current tests results over the next couple of weeks.

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