What a Corker!

What a Corker!
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Spray Foam Magazine – Fall 2022 – Dragon’s Reach Estate Vineyard is created by husband-and-wife team, Mark Samis and Nicki Hughes. It is set to open this fall where they will be selling their wines, including Baco Noir, Pino Noir, Chardonnay, and Riesling. The vineyard is located in Ontario, Canada, which typically experiences warm summers and freezing winters, so the vineyard must monitor the vines during such temperature fluctuations. This is also the case with any buildings where the wine is stored. To take away the stress of the wine spoiling, the correct insulation will need to be installed to help keep it at the perfect temperature.

The most recent research study conducted on the Ontario wine and grape industry by Wine Growers Ontario (WGO) revealed that the economic impact of the Ontario grape wine industry has grown by 64.5% to $5.49 billion over the period 2011-2019. Having such a great impact on the local economy is even more of a reason to make sure Ontario’s wine industry is supported by the topmost quality when it comes to both the vines and the vineyard’s surroundings. Investing in quality cannot be skimped on, and shortcuts cannot be made when quality must be produced. SPF is reliable for its air sealing and moisture control properties, which are common problems when it comes to insulating and temperature regulation, and imperative to keep the wine at the correct temperature all year round.

The vineyard’s first harvest is almost complete with an A-Frame tasting room construction almost finished on the site. Nick Koopmans, the owner of Koopmans General Contracting, was hired to plan this project by Mark Samis, who had seen some of Koopmans work in the area.

Koopmans General Contracting has a great reputation and knows their industry well. They deal with both custom homes and renovations, helping their clients each step of the way, from the initial building permits to the finished product. Knowledgeable of a variety of materials, they recommended SPF for the Dragon’s Reach Estate Vineyard A-frame building.

The A-frame will also be used as a winery, where Dragon’s Reach Estate Vineyard will be making and bottling the wine in the basement of the facility, in addition to a tasting room on the upper level. Nick Koopmans suggested SPF to the owners of Dragon’s Reach Estate Vineyard, “Spray foam seemed the best solution for the building due to the shallow rafter cavities and high ceilings. I believe it also adds a great deal of structural strength to the building. It was the best way to make the building airtight and achieve the R-value needed,” clarified Koopmans.

Bossline Spray Foam was hired by Koopmans General Contracting. Bossline Spray Foam is known and respected for its great work, and once they heard about this opportunity, their licensed spray foam insulation technicians were enthusiastic to take it on and work with Koopmans again. Kitted out in their suits, masks, gloves, and carrying their Graco H-30 Elite Gun they headed to the vineyard’s A-frame.

The 40 ft. A-frame, high ceilings with periodic studs would take a little bit of finesse from the crew. With years of experience under their belt, this was not seen as an issue. They got to work spraying their foam of choice, Genyk Boreal Nature Elite 2lb. closed-cell medium-density polyurethane, applying five inches in the ceiling and four inches to the walls.

Bossline’s President, Tyler Bunnett, likes this foam stating, “It’s an environmentally responsible HFO manufactured without ozone depletion substances (zero ODS). And it’s made in Canada for the Canadian climate.”

The Bossline Spray Foam crew took the utmost care to make the finished product clean and smooth, leaving everything tidy and presentable on the job site when they were finished.

Koopmans General Contracting is very happy with the result of the spray foam install. Having a reliable spray foam company they can turn to is essential when expecting high standards. The Dragon’s Reach Estate Vineyard can also relax with the knowledge that spray foam insulation will help regulate the temperature in the tasting room, resulting in the wine staying fine and ready for the first tasters.  

The Bossline Spray Foam team installed Genyk closed-cell foam into the unique 40-ft A-frame ceilings of Dragon’s Reach Estate Vineyard

By: Spray Foam Magazine Staff on Sep 29, 2022
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