Touch 'n Seal Reveals the Robust Capabilities of One-Component Foam Sealants

Touch 'n Seal Reveals the Robust Capabilities of One-Component Foam Sealants
FENTON, MO – December 7, 2015 – It cannot be overstated: homes with air leaks are inefficient, uncomfortable, and overly expensive. Air leakage and infiltration not only make indoor temperatures difficult to regulate, but also account for up to 40% of an average home’s heating and cooling costs, per the U.S. Department of Energy.

This is especially evident during the winter, when drafty homes cause homeowners to crank up the heater, resulting in eye-widening energy bills. For older homes, the only way to combat air leaks is weatherization, which is essentially reducing the influence of outdoor conditions on indoor environments. Broadly speaking, weatherization entails procedures like replacing ineffective insulation, installing high-efficiency doors and windows, and air sealing gaps in the building envelope. Concerning the latter procedure, one-component foam sealants have quickly become the standard for effectively mitigating the threat of air leakage and infiltration. That being said, the capabilities of moisture-curing one-component foam extend beyond just air sealing.

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Link to Article: One-Component Foam Sealants: Robust Capabilities

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