• 3D Printing Our Path to the Future

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Nov 30, 2022

    Just under two years ago, Spray Foam Magazine had the privilege to write about designers Leslie Lok and Sasa Zivkovic. Assistant professors of architecture in the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) and co-principals of the HANNAH Design Office, the pair have recently produced and mastered a hybrid design. read more

  • Up, Up & Spray

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Nov 30, 2022

    What was once a novel device is now a feature in many businesses and even households. The drone, like many groundbreaking inventions, was first developed for military use but has since progressed into different diligences. With industries, including construction, modifying the original design and its abilities to progress their own capabilities. read more

  • Put a Plan in Place

    • By Mac Sheldon
    • Added on Mar 30, 2022

    The mantra for spray foam professionals is to Spray it Tight and Ventilate Right! This means ventilating three different ways, and each is vitally important to the success and profit of your job, and each comes with some cost. The most important point regarding cost is it’s far more expensive to not ventilate than to ventilate properly. read more

  • Proper Documentation of SPF Products is Critical

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Mar 14, 2022

    In a recent release to membership, the SPFA warned against the use of undocumented spray foam product. The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, or the “SPFA”, is the educational and technical resource to the spray polyurethane foam industry.? The letter read as followed: read more

  • The Innovator

    • By Spray Foam Magazine Staff
    • Added on Dec 01, 2021

    Dan Dorneanu is a spray foam business owner, innovator, and inventor with ambitions to implement his designs to help the industry progress. Can one man really make a difference? Spray Foam Magazine chatted with Dorneanu to see what makes him tick and where he gets his creative streak from. read more

  • NCFI Geotechnical Adds Two Industry Veterans to Their Sales Team

    • By NCFI
    • Added on Nov 26, 2021

    Over the past year we have searched high and low for sales territory mangers for our Western and Northeastern US regions, and we are excited to announce we have added two extraordinary individuals to our team. Please welcome Steve Barnes and Clifton Westlake to the NCFI Geotechnical Team! read more

  • Sound & Space

    • By Jeffrey Job
    • Added on Sep 27, 2021

    Acoustics are an important consideration when designing any kind of space. However, they are even more important to keep in mind for certain types of projects, such as healthcare facilities, multi-family homes, and schools. Spaces designed for music and other types of performance will have specific acoustic requirements. With increasing numbers of people working from home, home offices also require more consideration. read more

  • The Heat is On

    • By Danielle Macdonald
    • Added on Sep 27, 2021

    A heated driveway has a similar concept to underfloor heating—tubes that run beneath the surface. Warm water and usually some kind of antifreeze is then forced through the tubes to keep the driveway at the perfect temperature and thus preventing the accumulation of snow and ice with the driveway being kept at a temperature just above freezing. The tubing usually goes through a boiler, often situated in the garage, and helps maintain a consistently warm temperature. read more