SprayFoam.com Announces Icynene As A Site Sponsor

SprayFoam.com Announces Icynene As A Site Sponsor
MISSISSAUGA, ON ­– August 1, 2016 – Icynene and SprayFoam.com announce that they have formed a partnership, making Icynene an official site sponsor of SprayFoam.com. This means that Icynene’s brand will now be promoted throughout the spray polyurethane foam industry’s #1 Website, showcasing their existing products, as well as providing information about future technologies. 

“Icynene is a well-known and respected leader in the spray foam industry,” says Tawny Gaines, Editorial Development Manager of SprayFoam.com. “To partner with a company like Icynene, whose name is synonymous with endurance and quality, is something our entire team is thrilled about.” 

Icynene is the pioneer of modern spray foam insulation, introducing their successful Icynene Classic insulation product in 1986. Since then, Icynene continues to lead the industry with its innovation and leadership by developing new open-cell and closed-cell products, which are ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Icynene invests resources into developing environmentally sound, high-performance spray foam solutions that both insulate and air-seal to meet local building codes and the demand from homeowners for energy efficiency and comfort. 

Icynene’s portfolio includes ultra-low VOC product offerings – Icynene Classic Max, an open-cell spray foam innovation that eliminates the need for an ignition barrier in unvented attic assemblies; and Icynene ProSeal, a high performance closed-cell foam product that offers a high R7.1 per inch. 

In addition to providing insulating and air sealing value, Icynene spray foam insulation works to help reduce heating and cooling bills and reduce the penetration of noise with its excellent sound dampening qualities. Icynene spray foam insulation allows home and building owners live and work healthier in quieter and more energy-efficient buildings while saving money. 

“Any time we can expand our readers knowledge about the pioneers of the modern day spray foam industry, we are doing our job! This partnership will put a wealth of information at the fingertips of homeowners, contractors, and specifiers,” Gaines notes. “Environmental responsibility and energy efficiency are very important concerns for our readers and Icynene is well-known for championing those causes.” 

About Icynene: Established in 1986, Icynene helps to build energy efficient residential and commercial structures in over 31 countries worldwide. Our portfolio of industry leading light density open-cell and medium density closed-cell SPF solutions are both insulation and air barrier materials for improved indoor air quality and reduced energy costs making Icynene the smart choice for builders, architects, building owners, and homeowners. For more information, please visit, www.icynene.com

About SprayFoam.com: SprayFoam.com is the #1 Website dedicated to spray foam insulation and roofing. With an array of industry news, business listings, educational content, forums, and classifieds, SprayFoam.com connects the entire industry, from contractors and suppliers, to homeowners and builders, to architects and consultants. SprayFoam.com also publishes the industry’s widest-read periodical, Spray Foam Magazine.

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