Spray Foam’s Ray of Sunshine

Spray Foam’s Ray of Sunshine
KAREN WIKERT – Mrs. Spray Foam, LLC Karen’s support system, from L to R: Karen Wikert, Wesley Wikert Sr, Wesley Wikert Jr, Izabella Wikert, Justin Brown, Marissa Brown, and Rachael Gonzales.
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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Performing to a high standard and being an inspiration to others takes ability, self-confidence, and most of all a big heart. Spray Foam Magazine’s Luminary Award winner ticks all those boxes and more. Each person in the spray foam industry is driven by something different depending on their needs and wants. However, the one mutual factor behind all those who succeed in this business is someone at some time who inspired them.

Karen Wikert, aka Mrs. Spray Foam, LLC has a reputation as being an empathetic and compassionate person. Where does she get these character traits? “My mother was a nurse, and I remember her brightening a patient’s day with just a kind word, a smile, or a hug. These small actions would make a big difference to people’s lives,” says Karen. Before entering the SPF industry Karen also came from a caring profession. As a Certified Occupational Therapy (OT) Assistant, she helped geriatric patients with their rehab after surgery or illness. She goes on to say, “Helping people adapt to tasks is a big part of OT and that’s helped my spray foam business. Oftentimes if something doesn’t work, trying a different approach does, and that’s something I’ve carried over,”

Karen, who is based in Grovetown, GA, credits her husband Wes for her introduction to the SPF industry back in 2017. After reading horror stories about bad installations and equipment constantly breaking, she had no desire to go into the SPF industry. However, Wes, who has 25+ years in the construction industry with his own roofing business and SPF experience, was positive this was the right road for her.

When COVID hit, Karen lost her job, so she started going on more roofing quotes with Wes. One day, he was asked to foam a commercial roof for a large residential contractor and assist with the estimate. Their salesman was late to the client meeting and Wes not only calmed down the upset customer, but he also sold the job. To show their appreciation, they found someone cheaper.

Karen recalls that moment, “I didn’t want that to happen again, so I started learning and reading everything I could about foam while we saved for a rig. Our house was the first home we sprayed, and the benefits were so huge that I was sold on being part of this industry.” Wes has been a great support to her and helped advise and guide her through her company setup. Karen learned a lot from listening to Wes interact with customers and watching him do estimates. All of which has helped give her the confidence to go out and sell some foam.

Karen went full-on foam in 2021 when she officially launched her own spray foam company. She also credits her determination to succeed due to the struggles of being a single mom when her kids were growing up. “Raising children is a task and doing it alone can be tough. Patience, organization, budgeting, and the ability to quickly adapt are some of the things that come to mind when I think about what past struggles have helped me today,” confirms Karen.

Her clever business savvy attitude led Karen to establish her brand, which many will recognize. Not shying away from pink and the stereotypical color of femininity, she has instead embraced and worked it to her advantage. Through the ingenious branding of Mrs. Spray Foam people can see and feel her passion before she even sets foot on a jobsite. “Folks have told me on more than one occasion that they have called me because I am a woman. Whether right or wrong, we are viewed as more trustworthy,” states Karen.

Mrs. Spray Foam’s sales growth was more than Karen dreamed of in her first few years of business. She has even had people in the industry reach out for advice or guidance. “It’s mostly folks new to foam and I’m always happy to help. I really love it when women reach out, even if they’re calling because their husbands have a question. To me it feels like paying it forward because we’ve had so many amazing people help us out when we needed it,” states Karen.

Karen is also thankful for the social media group, Bad Ass Women of Spray Foam. This all-women group is encouraging and helpful for women in the SPF industry. Karen explains, “Starting in this male-dominated industry can be a little intimidating and those ladies were so welcoming. That’s the place I felt comfortable to ask questions. I can’t tell you the number of times I have reached out to Jennifer Edwards, Kim Riley, or Carla Airey Colinares. They’ll even send me videos showing me how to do something. I’m so grateful for all the ladies on there.”

The advice Karen would offer to women who are considering joining this industry would be, “We need more women in spray foam. It’s a fantastic trade with some of the best people. Join the social groups, continuously network, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.”

Outside of work her children, and “fur babies,” as Karen calls them, are what define her and are the most important job she has. Whether it be as Mrs. Spray Foam, or simply Karen Wikert, this woman inspires and encourages others with her caring nature, and can-do attitude.  

Congratulations Karen Wikert for being Spray Foam Magazine’s Luminary 2023. Keep up the amazing work.

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