Spray Foam Restores Roof of Geodesic Dome Home

Spray Foam Restores Roof of Geodesic Dome Home

CRESTVIEW, FL – May 17, 2013 – The structural integrity of even geodesic domes can be compromised if the exterior isn't properly weatherproofed. This is especially problematic if you live in a hurricane-prone area. This was the dilemma of a Florida homeowner whose home's geodesic roof had been damaged by wind uplift over the years.

After the roof's shingles had blown away, the roof sheathing was compromised, so the owner decided that the application of spray foam was the best way to not only seal the roof, but strengthen it as well. Finishing Solutions Roofing Systems was contacted to take care of business.

“The way these structures are made, you could not really get a better seal without any other type of application,” said Jason Forrester, owner of Finishing Solutions. “They wanted a good solid roof and spray foam is the only thing that adheres well to the shingles so that the wind cannot tear them off and it gives them brand new insulation inside.”

The house wasn't your typical geodesic dome, but rather a house with a geodesic roof assembly. Since the owner had added on different extensions to the house over time, there were three different domed areas connected by flatter structures of the roof that had to be sprayed and coated, which made the project even more intricate. The Finishing Solutions crew used an aerial lift with railings around for the duration of the project.

The team initially removed the existing shingles off the roof, and then they removed the rotted wood underneath and replaced it with new plywood decking. The entire house was then masked-off and covered in plastic sheeting so that overspray could be avoided as the project progressed.

According to Forrester, certain conditions had to be met to make the dome-shaped structure ready for a spray foam application.

“All the windows had to be brought out; all the skylights had to be raised about four inches,” said Forrester. “The flashings around the structure had to be padded up in a way that the foam can lift outwards.”

The crew used Coating and Foam Solutions (CFS) products for all the applications: Before spraying, the crew applied a CFS Prime-Tek 11 primer to the plywood, which facilitated the SPF's adhesion to the substrate. Then, 1.5 inches of 2.7 lb. CFS spray foam was applied to the entire roof surface, which encompassed a spray area of 6,000 square feet. After the SPF application was in place, two 12-mil coats of tan-tinted CFS Acrylic 4200 were applied to protect the foam and top off the new roof.

Equipped with a Graco GH833 Airless Sprayer, which featured a Graco Reactor E30 proportioner and a Graco Fusion Air gun, the Finishing Solutions crew of four was able to finish the job in four days. SPF roofing application sealed the damage sheathing and further strengthened the owner's roof.

Forrester noted that the greatest challenge his crew encountered during the project was the curvature of the domes, saying that they had to be careful going around them.

“It was a very strange application,” said Forrester. “It was completely different from the large flat roof applications I’ve been doing for the past 15 years.”

According to Forrester, the client was very satisfied with the new look of his home. This Florida “dome-owner” can now feel more optimistic and ultimately safer when the winds start to blow.

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