Spray Foam Magazine Unveils Its Late Summer 2020 Issue

Spray Foam Magazine Unveils Its Late Summer 2020 Issue

JUPITER, FL – August 1, 2020 – Spray Foam Magazine unveiled its Late Summer 2020 issue today, which features some unique applications of spray polyurethane foam around the globe and into space. The latest issue is available online now and through the mobile app for free via the digital edition. The printed editions will be mailed to subscribers in the coming weeks.

Spray Foam Magazine’s Late Summer issue will encourage our readers to embrace cabin fever by investigating everything cool about cabins. We not only interview a star from DIY Network’s Maine Cabin Masters, but also a group of spray foam installers who came together to spray some amazing new cabin structures.

We head to a farm in South Dakota to interview a spray foam installer who has established a great business and settled a family feud after working on a farm shop. Waving goodbye to the farm we then headed to a seaside town where a rundown Police Emergency center has been replaced by a hurricane resistant build. Keeping our flip-flops on, we set sail to the beautiful Bay Islands of Honduras to understand how two freezers in a fish factory keep cool.

Washing the sand from our feet, we put our space suits on and blasted off to NASA to investigate the Core Stage of a rocket. The largest piece of a rocket had recently been spray foamed by robotics and we were honored to get a sneak peek of its progress.

Huntsman Building Solutions explains why the merger of two legendary companies has created something new and exciting for their customers and we interviewed three executives from Johns Manville about their job roles in a thriving company.

After all that rushing around, we put our feet up and spoke to General Coatings about wine! These stories and so much more in Spray Foam Magazine’s Late Summer Issue.

Highlights from the Late Summer 2020 Issue:

Late Summer 2020 Issue of Spray Foam Magazine

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Cover photo courtesy of DIY Network

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