SES Foam Reveals Positive Signs of Supplier Selection

SES Foam Reveals Positive Signs of Supplier Selection

SPRING, TX – October 21, 2015 – All spray foam manufacturers claim high R-values and promise optimal energy efficiency, which comes as a result of all leading spray foam insulations being superior to other available solutions like fiberglass and cellulose. To consumers, architects, and builders, the leading brands of spray foam may appear to offer the same intended result of insulating and air sealing a home or commercial building. They might think the manufacturer simply makes the foam and the installer simply puts the foam in the house. This is just not the case, as anyone with a thorough understanding of the industry knows that spray foam isn’t a commodity, and that brands of foam are well differentiated. So for contractors, choosing a supplier might be one of the more critical decisions they make, and often the decision comes down to more than just price. The real question is: does your supplier consider every aspect of the spray foam process, from the formulation of the foam itself to the support for their installers in every facet of their business? We’ll look at three indications that you’ve chosen the right supplier.

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