Connecting with Women in Foam

Connecting with Women in Foam
Highlighting some of the powerful women that are making a difference in the SPF industry
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Elyse Gill
Alpine insulation (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada)

“I started in the spray foam business when I was down on my luck. I’m a single mother of two beautiful children and unfortunately lost my job. My ex-husband was a foamer for 13 years, so with a mortgage and a truck payment trying to feed my kids all hanging over my head, my ex stepped up and gave me a job as his helper. I instantly found my passion for foam. He taught me so much and I am very grateful for him.

I no longer work with my ex-husband, but for a company that has treated me very well; they sent me to get certified and I now run a rig for them. They made my dreams come true. I work with some of the best sprayers I have seen. They are still teaching me and have made my experience a wonderful one.

I have now been spraying for almost two years. Being a woman in the field has been difficult since we are not recognized as the one running the show.”

Elyse’s Fun Fact: She absolutely loves working in crawl spaces. Plus, she can make some “really cool” foam roses off of steel studs.

Jennifer Edwards
Glenn Insulation Inc. (Charleston, Missouri)

“I got into the SPF industry after I met my boyfriend, Willy. He is the lead sprayer for Glenn Insulation, which is owned by Scotty Glenn. I worked as a helper with him for almost a year while also being trained to become a sprayer.

I have been in the industry since 2016, and still work alongside Willy. We work very well together and make a great team. I usually spray the roof decks on our jobs, Willy sprays the walls, and we tag-team helper chores after the spraying is done.  

What I enjoy most about being in the industry is how excited customers get about having spray foam installed in their home or building, and the look of surprise on their faces when I suit up to pull the trigger as a woman in the industry.  

My biggest challenge has been to keep myself at a slow steady pace while spraying. I have learned that fast is actually slow, and slow is actually fast in this industry. I am still learning to stay calm when things don't go how I expect them to.”

Jennifer’s Fun Fact: Not only has she learned to become a better sprayer since working at Glenn Insulation, but she has also learned to Mig weld, which she enjoys doing now as well.

Kim Orr
Weathertight Spray Foam (Gilford, New Hampshire)

“I was working as a carpenter frame to finish and the insulation company we used was Weathertight Spray Foam (WTSF). After helping WTSF out on the job and eventually working some weekend jobs with them, I fell in love with spray foam. Brad (the owner of WTSF) made me an offer and I haven’t looked back since. I am now a part owner of WTSF. I do everything from sales to application, prep, cleanup– basically every aspect of the company.

I love everything about spray foam, as crazy as that sounds. It’s such a unique profession—from the history of it, all the new technology and chemical advances. It’s an ever-changing and growing industry that is thrilling to be a part of. I love meeting other foam gurus and talking about different application ideas, or even ways to setup staging to get into those crazy high spots and the tiny crawl spaces. It’s so rewarding knowing how much the client is going to benefit from what we do.

The biggest challenge to date would be finding reliable and hardworking help. So many people say that they are up for the challenge of spray foam and they usually don’t last more than a day. It’s either too hot, too cold, too sweaty, or the work is too labor intense for them. It’s definitely a struggle finding the right people to work with.”

Kim’s Fun Fact: She loves to participate in Spartan Races throughout the year. In the past two years, she has earned her Trifecta and is now working towards her goal of getting it every year for as long as she can.

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