Profoam Corporation Explains How a Successful Spray Foam Suppler Business is Built

Profoam Corporation Explains How a Successful Spray Foam Suppler Business is Built

RUTLEDGE, GA – December 28, 2015 –  A discussion on building a business with Ted Medford, President of Profoam Corporation, which was re-launched in January 2015

Spray Foam Magazine: Can you give a little background on how you re-launched Profoam?

Ted Medford: Profoam today stems from a long evolution process of two different companies: Medford Insulation in Rutledge, Georgia, which was owned by myself and my father Larry Medford, and Profoam Incorporated in Atlanta, which was owned by David Vaughan and Dale Ledbetter at the time. David and Dale had a unique idea of selling Profoam dealerships throughout the U.S. to help startup spray foam companies learn the basics of becoming a successful SPF contractor. It just so happens that I became the first Profoam dealer in the country when I purchased my spray foam rig from them around 1996. After several years of installing Profoam all over the Southeast, I decided to put my knowledge and experience to work and start a dealership program of my own. That’s when Air Tight Sprayfoam was born. The Air Tight dealership program was largely successful in helping new spray foam business professionals enter into and maintain a long successful tenure in the SPF industry. Meanwhile, David and Dale continued to expand the Profoam dealership network throughout the entire U.S., reaching several hundred dealers at one point. Eventually, David and Dale parted ways, and Profoam was dissolved for several years until I recently acquired the intellectual assets of Profoam.

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