Partners Amidst Rivalry

Partners Amidst Rivalry
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MANTEE, MS – May 3, 2018 – When taking a look around the social media group Spray Foam World Wide (SFWW), there are stories a-plenty. We see beautifully executed spray foam applications, we see open-ended queries answered, and we see an open forum that hosts a stream of opinions from some of the finest members of the industry. However, not often do we see the unique working relationship that Josh McCoy and Michael “Mike” Callahan, two of SFWW’s most active members possess. 

You see, Mike and Josh, like many contractors working in the same area, are competitors by nature. They both own their respective SPF contracting companies that operate in a similar service area within the state of Mississippi. Mike owns Callahan Spray Foam Insulation & Concrete Lifting LLC and Josh owns McCoy Foam. A few years back, when Mike and Josh both started their companies, they came up with a two-fold strategy that would benefit both equally.

“We both decided we were gonna be colleagues instead of competition,” says Mike. “It’s always better to have a friend versus an enemy.”

But what exactly did the strategy consist of? It’s actually quite simple. Instead of augmenting their companies with more equipment and manpower, Mike and Josh prefer to work together by not only helping each other out during prominent jobs but to send each other overflow work during their busy season. They decided it was a smart way to stay busy and maintain customer satisfaction. 

“I believe it’s beneficial to both of us for several reasons,” notes Josh. “First of all, it keeps the spray foam market at a price to where both companies and ourselves can earn a decent wage and continue to remain profitable. Secondly, there is plenty of work for everyone, so why cut prices and destroy the market or spray for nothing and have your company lose money? Thirdly, you build relationships. Mike and I have built a relationship that is unlike many others in the industry.”

Mike echoes this sentiment, noting that he and Josh help each other with figuring out the answers to the tough, technical questions while on the job, providing spare parts to one another when needed, and even joining in on the job to spray if the other one is available. Aside from spray foam insulation and roofing system applications, both Mike and Josh specialize in concrete lifting and void filling services, which enables them to send more job opportunities to one another.

“Spray foam, in our area, is a feast or famine business,” says Josh. “If I’m busy and Mike's day is slow, I know he’s just a phone call away. He can come help me knock out some jobs and I will do the same. If I can’t take on a job, I won’t think twice to send it over to him. We want to see each other succeed, and in this day and age, that’s rare, but we make it work!”  

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