Overspray Removal Company's Expertise Restores Damaged Aston Martin

Overspray Removal Company's Expertise Restores Damaged Aston Martin

SAN RAFAEL, CA - May 15, 2013 – When not properly controlled, spray foam overspray can be a threat when it comes to the finer things in life. Case in point: An unassuming Marin County, California resident was the victim of said threat when he found his dark blue Aston Martin covered in SPF overspray after the material flew into the car like a mist during a residential spray foam roofing application happening next door.

Spray foam contractors go through diligent prep work to prevent overspray from damaging property in the vicinity of a spray foam application. Occasionally, overspray damage happens anyway, which is why contractors tend to have a cleanup protocol in place. In the midst of this residential roofing application in San Rafael, the overspray on the next-door neighbor’s luxury vehicle was brought to the crew handling the roofing project and they decided to contact a detail team to remove the overspray on the vehicle.

The contracting company’s initial detail crew was not able clean the car efficiently. The vehicle owner was angered further when he saw that tan-colored SPF material was not only still there, but that the initial detail crew had scuffed the paint and left scratches on the hood of the car while trying to remove the material.

Eric Gerencser, Head of National Operations for Nationwide Overspray, had recently expanded the Texas-based company to the West Coast and was the man selected to get the job done since the detailing crew had done more harm than good.

“There’s a difference when they bring in a detail crew into the job instead of a company that specializes in overspray removal,” Gerencser said. “The foam was very visible on the car still; the edges were missed and there were scuffs all over the hood.”

Gerencser said the car needed to be completely cleaned again and that he had to polish the hood to get the scuffs out. The Ulens polish formula, which Nationwide Overspray has owned and kept in-house since 1980, was key in fixing the damaged Aston Martin.

“There’s nothing that replicates what Ulens polish will do for a car’s finish,” Gerencser admitted. “It’s a specialized formula that has saved me on many jobs.”

Nationwide Overspray does every cleaning and polishing job by hand. Gerencser said the only alternative for polishing is machine buffing, which is prone to causing dents and scuffs on any vehicle.

“A machine can do a lot, but it can’t do everything that a hand can do,” Gerencser added.

Prior to Nationwide coming on board, Gerencser noted that the car had been left lingering for a month with SPF overspray on it and that the contracting company was thinking about repainting the vehicle as the only solution to set things right with the owner. Gerencser’s team, which consisted of him and an assistant, were the last hope.

They finished the job successfully, saving the contract company thousands of dollars. In Gerencser’s estimation, overspray removal saved 85% of what a repainting job would’ve cost.

Gerencser said that the greatest challenge he faced during the job was meeting the expectations of the owner of the vehicle.

“He was already very upset with the previous work, so I had to explain that I would do my best to restore his car back to normal,” Gerencser said. “When I was done, he was thrilled; he loved it.”

The contracting company was so pleased with Nationwide Overspray’s work on the Aston Martin that they chose to retain their services and not take any chances with a sub-par detail team again.

About Nationwide Overspray: Nationwide Overspray, located in Dallas, Texas, provides on site overspray removal services and claim management for individuals, self-insured entities, insurance companies, paint contractors and auto manufacturers anywhere in the United States. Nationwide Overspray has processed more than 300,000 claims involving paint overspray and other types of vehicle contamination since 1982. Nationwide Overspray is family owned and operated, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more information, please use the contact details and links provided below.

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