Overspray Removal Company Opens Offices in California and Florida

Overspray Removal Company Opens Offices in California and Florida

DALLAS, TEXAS - February 21, 2011 - Nationwide Overspray, based in Dallas, Texas, has opened offices in California and Florida in order to better serve its spray foam customers. The west coast office is located in Benicia, California, near San Francisco, and serves all of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.  The Florida office serves the Southeast United States. 

According to Nationwide Overspray, the most critical part of any overspray claim involving urethane foam is securing the damage site and letting claimants know repairs will be made quickly. Urethane overspray should never stay on a car for very long. The risk of clear coat damage increases with each day the overspray stays on the car possibly resulting in much more expensive repairs. 

Nationwide Overspray claims that there are several ways to safely clean urethane foam. One technique uses a carbine blade to remove the excess urethane that builds up first. The technique is called “Blading” and not all companies are able to “Blade” safely.  NAS suggests always asking about the process and experience of the overspray removal company. After the initial layer is removed, the vehicle can be hand cleaned safely and effectively leaving the vehicle in the previous condition or better. 

The most important part of any overspray accident is to take action quickly and decisively. Prepare for emergencies by having a contingency plan. Better to be prepared and not use the plan than need help and have not have a solution in place.

Nationwide Overspray can come to the rescue quickly and provide fair estimates with no hidden charges or fees. Beware of imitators. There is only one Nationwide Overspray, since 1982, "The Finest Name In Safe Overspray Removal".


About Nationwide Overspray:
Nationwide Overspray, located in Dallas, Texas, provides manufacturer recommended overspray removal services and claim management for individuals, self-insured entities, insurance companies and auto manufacturers across the United States. Nationwide Overspray has processed more than 300,000 claims involving paint overspray and other types of vehicle contamination since 1982. Nationwide Overspray is a subsidiary of Nationwide Auto Services, providing hail damage repair and temporary staffing solutions for auto manufacturers and vehicle processing centers. Nationwide Overspray is ISO 9001:2008 certified. www.nationwideoverspray.com or to make it easier to remember, www.overspray.net


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