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Mobile Madness
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JUPITER, FL – June, 2018 – A mobile marketing strategy is marketing optimized for mobile devices. When walking down the street, waiting at the bus stop, or even checking out at your local super market, without question, there is one action that defines the reality of today: Everyone’s eyes are glued to their mobile devices. Whether it be to send a text, check up on the latest social media posts, or looking up the nearest restaurant, cell phones are the primary source of communication. That is why it is key for businesses to cater to this standard by creating a mobile marketing strategy and optimization to connect with potential clients. You may already know that your business will need a mobile site, but do you have a mobile marketing strategy in place as well? Here are some business savvy tools to accomplish these components!


Optimizing your mobile presence is the process of ensuring that your websites design, structure, page speed, and text fits every type of mobile device screen. This type of website design is also known as responsive design. It ensures that visitors who access your site through any mobile device are able to properly view the content without having to zoom in and out. A responsive design provides the most user friendly experience. With more businesses discovering the potential of mobile marketing, using this format now to expand your marketing efforts is critical.


  • Who are your customers and who are you trying to reach?
  • What tasks and needs does your audience have?
  • How are you trying to appeal to this audience?
  • What mobile channels will you use?
  • How will you create sharing opportunities and keep customers returning?


When hearing the term “keywords,” it is typically correlated with SEO content strategies. Contrary to popular belief, it is just as important to choose proper keywords for your mobile marketing strategy as well. In order to do this, find keywords that are popular around your area or that are relevant to your business. Incorporate the keywords within your mobile marketing strategy to capture your local audience. You should include the local area in conjunction with your keywords since a large portion of users are looking for local businesses. Keep in mind who your target market is and how to appeal to their needs.


Responsive mobile email campaigns allow businesses to create interactive ways to connect with customers. One thing to keep in mind is the way to design the campaigns for mobile devices. Through email campaigns and ads, businesses are able to capture the attention of customers with bold headlines, color schemes, pictures, and video. Be sure to include your business’ phone number and website with a hyperlink attached to your homepage so users can easily click the link to connect right to your site or dial the number without having to do the research.


For those who think that SMS messaging is long gone and would not be an effective mobile marketing strategy, think again! Customers who have opted in your text messages, open and read your mobile messages typically within three minutes. Through messaging offers, promotions, or updates, it excludes the business owner and the consumer from spam-related accusations and confusion since everything will be in writing. With the direct contact, you are able to communicate effectively with customers whohave given you their permission to do so.


Through SMS and MMS messaging, applications, and mobile web browsers, business owners find opportunities to send out mobile coupons. Promotional codes and discounts that can be redeemed online or in-store help drive sales. It is a call-to-action marketing strategy that will initiate customers to want to take advantage quickly and keep them coming back for more.

For mobile technology, creating a mobile website and marketing strategy that is optimized for any device is critical. Mobile optimization is key for your business to remain at the forefront of your audience. Customers will have no problem finding your business anywhere they go! If you are in need of marketing guidance, assistance, or do not have time to do it yourself, Niche Digital Media has a qualified team of marketing experts to do the work for you! With busy schedules such as yours, stay focused on the face-to-face side of the business while these experts take care of the digital.

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