International Fireproof Technology Inc. Launches Mobile Website

International Fireproof Technology Inc. Launches Mobile Website

IRVINE, CA – July 3, 2018 - International Fireproof Technology Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their newly upgraded, cutting-edge website, The major overhaul is its Secure HTTPS environment, and its mobile friendly design. Major design and technology upgrades exist and combine to offer customers with an eye catching, easy-to-navigate website, that is now simpler than ever to access tech data sheets, testing reports, and other documents. All the latest product information for DC315 to their extensive line of FireStop Products, the latest company news, and information on their international partners can all be found at and easily accessed through phones, tablets, and desktop devices.

“Our goal on our new website was multifold. We wanted to make the information that you need NOW quicker to find, and most importantly make it very mobile friendly. As International Fireproof Technology, Inc. expands its product offering to include FireStop and Penetrations protection, DC5040 for Wood I-joist and IRC compliance, DC360 our new low cost high performance Class A coating for wood and gypsum, DC68 UL listed to protect most material from fire propagation, and our new suite of fire protection products for SPF we understand the importance of quickly getting what you need,” says Gary Wolfe, Executive Vice President of International Fireproof Technology Inc. “I personally invite you to visit our NEW website at and please do not hesitate to email us with your likes or comments.”

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About International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI)

International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) is the manufacturer of the industry leading DC315 intumescent coating for the 15 minute thermal barrier protection of spray foam insulation. IFTI also manufactures an innovative, simple to use and cost effective line of firestop products, intumescent fire retardants, thermal barriers and fire protective coatings. IFTI’s products help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases over combustible substrates such as cables, wood, gypsum, I-Joists and fabrics. Designed and tested for the global market, IFTI products are fully listed and compliant to many international standards such as NFPA, ASTM, UL, ULC, Intertek and FM. Check out the new IFTI website at

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