Howard’s Journey Through SPFA’s Training and Certification Program

Howard’s Journey Through SPFA’s Training and Certification Program
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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Spray Foam Magazine’s 2023 Contractor of the Year Runner-Up, Howard Millsaps, was generously awarded the full PCP courses available at the 2024 SprayFoamConference and Expo in Las Vegas. The SPFA donated this great prize to the Contractor of the Year contest and thankfully Howard was able to take advantage of it right away. He shares his exciting experience as he navigated these challenging exams.

I could not have asked for better instruction and experience than I got at the PCP certification program in Las Vegas. The process throughout the field exam was expertly managed and well explained at each station.

Ironically, my favorite and least favorite part were one of the same—the SPFA Project Manager Written Exam. The entire time I thought I had these exams in the bag, until I finished the SPFA Master Installer Exam. Then I was worried and thinking hard about waiting a little bit before taking the SPFA Project Manager Exam to better prepare myself. Ultimately, though, I couldn’t do it. I had to finish what I started. So after nearly two hours of sweaty palms and going back and forth through the questions making sure I was satisfied with all my answers, I hit submit. Thankfully... it said I PASSED!

On Saturday, March 2nd, 2024, the Field Exams were canceled due to high winds. The next day, Sunday, March 3rd, I showed up at 7:00 am to complete the Field Exams before the wind had a chance to affect anything again. I started the first of four written tests, beginning with SPFA Helper, and then the SPFA Assistant Installer. I was feeling good about the written tests at this point and was breezing through them.

On Monday, March 4th, I returned to the testing room to begin taking my SPFA Master Installer exam. At this point, I started worrying about whether or not I belonged in the room. This test made me wonder about how much I actually knew about spray foam. I had to slow down and think about how I was going to answer several questions. Later that afternoon, I returned to take my SPFA Project Manager Exam. I was very nervous. I don’t like testing and I don’t want to fail at anything, but I was also not leaving Las Vegas without finishing my goal of acquiring all of my certifications. I mean, after all, I was fortunate enough to have all my testing donated by the SPFA through Spray Foam Magazine’s Contractor of theYear contest, and I couldn’t let them down.

In the end, I pulled through and passed all my written tests and am currently awaiting the results of the SPFA Field Exam Grading. I was so excited to have just been in the running for Contractor of theYear, but then to have been chosen as the first runner-up and receive these amazing prizes, I had to take advantage of the certification opportunity. I hope I have been loud enough with my appreciation to Spray Foam Magazine for all they do to make the Contractor of the Year contest special, and for affording me the opportunity through the SPFA to get my certifications. It has been something I have wanted for years. Thank you all!

Howard Millsaps Independent Insulation Services, LLC

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