Getting to Know the New, Part 3: Gear Guide, Forums, and FAQ's

Getting to Know the New, Part 3: Gear Guide, Forums, and FAQ's

JUPITER, FL–July 29, 2015–Continuing the introduction to the New, today we touch on how the website features the wide variety of products needed for SPF applications, as well as how it answers the litany of questions contractors, homeowners, and building owners might have about spray foam.

New SprayFoamcom Forums FAQs and Gear Guide

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The Online Gear Guide

The New’s Online Gear Guide is an extension of the Gear Guide featured in Spray Foam Magazine. The Online Gear Guide focuses on the products that contractors use to get the job done: equipment, accessories, safety gear, and rigs. It’s a great opportunity for suppliers to feature their products and build interest in prospective customers. The online edition is designed to surpass the magazine Gear Guide in the number of products, which will be added and updated on a regular basis. The Online Gear guide can be accessed via the module on the right side of virtually any page.

Forums and FAQ’s

Spray foam insulation and roofing application are complicated processes and questions about them are commonplace.’s forums and FAQ’s have been a longstanding source of answers for contractors, homeowners, and building owners alike. For the New, both the forums and the FAQ’s have been redesigned to foster accessibility and readability by streamlining navigation among the questions and answers. Forums can be accessed from the main menu, while FAQ’s can be accessed under the Education Center tab.

About is the number-one website dedicated to spray foam insulation and roofing. With an array of industry news, business listings, educational content, forums, and classifieds, connects the entire industry, from contractors and suppliers, to homeowners and builders, to architects and consultants. also publishes the industry’s widest-read periodical, Spray Foam Magazine.

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