GacoPatch Silicone Roof Patch is Released in New Colors

GacoPatch Silicone Roof Patch is Released in New Colors
SEATTLE, WA – August 11, 2017 - GacoPatch is a fiber reinforced silicone roof patch from Gaco Western designed for roof leak repairs in a one-step application. Primers, seam tapes, and top coats are not required.

Due to the success of GacoPatch Gray, Gaco is now introducing GacoPatch White and Black to use on existing roofs without leaving unsightly patching spots. Additional colors allow for more flexibility, depending on the type of roof needing repair.

“Understanding that roof substrate colors vary, creating solutions to meet the needs of our customers was important to us,” says Jason Loftus, Director of GacoFlex Sales.

A waterproof, monolithic seal is created within 30 minutes of applying GacoPatch, quickly protecting roofs from leaks. Long-term, GacoPatch is suitable as a standalone roof patch and will not degrade under UV, temperature extremes or ponded water. The convenient 2.5-gallon wide top pail makes GacoPatch application easy to do with a trowel or a brush.

GacoPatch comes with a 25-year limited material warranty.

When you need a patch to be permanent, choose GacoPatch.

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