CPI Announces Course Curriculum for Polyurethane Professional Development Program

CPI Announces Course Curriculum for Polyurethane Professional Development Program
WASHINGTON – July 19, 2017 – The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) announced the course curriculum for the 2017 Polyurethanes Professional Development Program (PDP). The program is presented by the CPI Education Center, and it will feature nine courses designed to provide industry professionals an opportunity to expand their knowledge on key topics through interaction with industry experts. The PDP will run in conjunction with the 2017 Polyurethanes Technical Conference, which will be held in New Orleans from Oct. 2-4.

This year, two of the featured PDP courses have been updated to include new content and information: PU102A Flexible Polyurethane Market Overview and PU102B Rigid Polyurethane Foam Market Overview. The new content features industry experts with updated case studies and a new interactive format to offer participants unmatched opportunities to increase their knowledge of the polyurethane industry no matter where they are in their career. 

“For almost 15 years the PDP has provided critical grounding in industry issues, and has been an effective platform to accelerate professional development. Whether you are new to the industry, or want to hear the latest technical information, the Polyurethanes PDP offers something for everyone,” said Lee Salamone, senior director of CPI. “Our 2017 program will continue to offer timely information on a wide range of topics that will be vital to business success.”

The 2017 PDP curriculum will again be taught by subject matter experts from throughout the industry, helping to expand the knowledge of all participants in both technical and non-technical courses.

The full listing of 2017 PDP courses can be found below:

Sunday, Oct. 1: 
  • PU 101: Polyurethane Chemistry
  • PU 104A: Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants
  • PU 105: Polyurethane Processing Equipment 

Monday, Oct. 2:
  • PU 100: Introduction to the Polyurethane Industry
  • PU 102A: Flexible Polyurethane Market Overview (New Content!)
  • PU 104B: Polyurethane Coatings and Elastomers

Tuesday, Oct. 3:
  • PU 102B: Rigid Polyurethane Foam Market Overview (New Content!)
  • PU 201: Polyurethane Raw Materials, Testing, Specifications, and Performance – The Myth and the Magic

Wednesday, Oct. 4:
  • PU 204: Physical Testing of Polyurethane Foams

In addition to CPI Education Center’s PDP’s, the annual conference will feature more than 60 technical presentations by industry experts and government officials and the Polyurethane Innovation Award. Register before August 31 to take advantage of early-bird registration.

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