Central States Foam and Coatings Releases New Website

Central States Foam and Coatings Releases New Website

Waupaca, Wisconsin - August 15, 2019 – Niche Digital is proud to announce the launch of Central States Foam and Coatings's new website: SprayFoamWisconsin.com. 

Central States Foam and Coatings LLC has over nine years of experience in the spray foam insulation and protective coating industry. They specialize in unique custom applications of spray foam insulation and coating systems and strive to provide exceptional project experience to build a long lasting customer relationship. Their company is registered with SAM.gov, and certified by SBA.gov as woman-owned, and a HUB zoned business.

Focusing on everything spray foam, Niche Digital guarantees the properly planned strategies match the specific needs of their clients. They are able to provide Central States Foam and Coatings the maximum exposure by using the most advanced software and industry knowledge, while reaching audiences who matter by highlighting key features.

Niche Digital builds some of the best spray foam-related websites in the market with features including:

  • In-depth knowledge on Spray Foam products, applications, and safety standards.
  • Support from initial idea to the completed website.
  • Content creation and SEO management.  
  • Success with SEO descriptions which dominate Google Search rankings, making them the online go-to in the spray foam industry.
  • Lead Generation
  • Creating aesthetically pleasing websites.
  • World-class automated storage.
  • Specially designed, fully-optimized sites which are navigation friendly.
  • Speed, and security e.g. ensuring each customer has a Goggle SSL Secure Warnings certificate installed on their site., including their Listing Builder Software, which is FREE with every purchase.
  • They have a reputation for well developed customer relations and a team of editors manually reviews content so sites remain relevant and dependable.

Central States Foam and Coatings's Specialty certifications include:

  • Licensed contractor in the state of Wisconsin
  • SPFA Certified Spray Foam Applicator
  • GACOFlex Certified

Central States Foam and Coatings LLC would be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free estimate tailored for your project. Call us at 864-593-6140 or click here to contact us for a quote. 

With over 25 years of proven field performance, Niche Digital created a modern, new look while emphasizing the company’s many qualities. Both parties are excited to introduce this pioneering new website to the rest of the industry.

To discuss building or updating your website, contact Niche Digital at 561-768-9793.

By: SprayFoam.com Staff on Aug 15, 2019
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