Ultimate Linings Introduces New Polyurethane Spray Foam Product Line, LiftThane™

Ultimate Linings Introduces New Polyurethane Spray Foam Product Line, LiftThane™
HOUSTON, TX -– August 3, 2017 — Ultimate Linings® LTD., (UL) a leader in the development and application of protective coatings & linings, announced the launch of LiftThane™, their newest Polyurethane Spray Foam product line. UL spent significant dollars investing in infrastructure project based research to develop the new spray foam products. Ideal for applications in municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential infrastructures, the LiftThane™ products penetrate voids that cause foundation to settle.

The LiftThane™ line is comprised of three product offerings to include: LiftThane™ 2.0 a void filling material, LiftThane™ 3.75 a standard lifting material, and LiftThane™ 3.75-H a hydrophobic material. Each of the superior products are two-component, closed-cell, rigid spray foams designed for foundation stability in roadways, highways, tunnels, bridges, and sidewalks.

According to Fortune Magazine, the federal, state, and local governments spent $612.5 billion on the nation’s public infrastructure in 2015. The federal government spent $27 billion on roads and concrete infrastructure in 2015 alone, and that figure is expected to quadruple within the next decade. “Ultimate Linings is the leader in Polyurea and Polyurethane manufacturing. With infrastructure spending expected to increase over the next 20 years, the development and deployment of a quality lifting foam is imperative to our continued growth. We feel our new LiftThane™ materials will not only drive chemical sales, they will also open doors on the equipment side. The three offerings let contractors better serve their customers from void fill and basic lifting to displacement of water from the void,” said John E. Jamroz, Vice President of Sales at UL.

Additional Benefits of LiftThane™ are substantial and include superb precision, higher structural integrity, jobsite noise diminution, and increased efficiency.

LiftThane™ joins the company's growing line of high quality products that include protective coatings and linings, as well as equipment and parts.

About Ultimate Linings, Ltd:

Ultimate Linings, LTD., (UL) is a leading provider of bedliner material to the OE automotive market and innovator of chemically resistant coatings that bond to a wide variety of substrates. For nearly three decades, UL has been a leading manufacturer of protective coatings made from elastomeric polyurethane and polyurea to provide maximum protection for not only automotive applications, but for industrial and commercial applications as well. UL is currently distributed in over 30 different countries and supplies thousands of applicators. UL is also a Top 20 Tier Distributor of GRACO equipment, offering a full line of equipment, parts, technical, and service repair options for their customers.

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