UL Announces New Testing and Certification Services for the Building Envelope

UL Announces New Testing and Certification Services for the Building Envelope

NORTHBROOK, IL – August 12, 2015 –  UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science organization, announced today the launch of its new testing services for the building envelope — the thermal, weather and air barriers separating building interiors from the outdoor environment. UL now is offering curtain wall mock-up testing and field testing capabilities.

UL’s new services provide performance testing to determine the rate of air infiltration, water penetration, structural, impact and cyclical performance for windows, doors and curtain walls. Testing can be conducted in the laboratory, in the field and in curtain wall mock-ups. Evaluating air and water resistance and the structural integrity of a building envelope with mock-up testing and on-site field testing provides building owners, contractors, consultants and architects with the critical information needed to assess performance and risk – from pre-construction all the way through to post-installation. This data helps assure manufacturers that their products will meet building design, building code and product certification requirements.

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“These new testing capabilities not only help validate the design and material selection of the building envelope, but also help deliver assurance that windows, curtain walls and storefronts are compliant with industry standards and requirements,” said Wayne Breighner, engineering manager of UL Fenestration Services.

Architects, manufacturers, contractors, insurers, building owners, regulatory authorities and other partners in the building materials and construction community trust UL for the knowledge and expertise they provide to help ensure performance, meet regulatory demands and protect their brand value.

“Our customers have traditionally relied on UL’s decades of experience across virtually all building materials industries to help sharpen their competitive edge,” said Chris Hasbrook, vice president and general manager of UL Building and Life Safety Technologies. “Now they can also rely on UL to assess the performance of windows, doors and curtain walls in mock-up and in the field after installation,”

To learn more about UL’s testing services for the building envelope visit UL.com/windows.

About UL: UL is a premier global independent safety science company that has championed progress for more than 120 years. Its nearly 11,000 professionals are guided by the UL mission to promote safe working and living environments for all people. UL uses research and standards to continually advance and meet ever-evolving safety needs. We partner with businesses, manufacturers, trade associations and international regulatory authorities to bring solutions to a more complex global supply chain. For more information about our certification, testing, inspection, advisory and education services, visit http://www.UL.com.

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