Sprayfoam 2016 Closes In Style

Sprayfoam 2016 Closes In Style

ORLANDO, FL – February 12, 2016– The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance's (SPFA) 2016 Sprayfoam Convention & Expo closed after a full day of spray foam activities, and SprayFoam.com was there from the start.

Following an early morning Business Session, the day began as the General Session was called to order. Rob Outram of IAL Consultants, briefed attendees on the "Global Overview of the SPF Industry." After a thorough reporting on trends–both positive and negative–in the global construction market, Outram reported that, with regard to spray polyurethane foam usage, "good growth is expected for 2018."

Dr Richard Duncan, SPFA's Technical Director, provided an update on the progress of the Technical Committee. According to Duncan, among the many achievements for SPF in 2015 is the fact that SPFA-149 (Architectural Specification for High-Pressure SPF Insulation) is now CFI-compliant and that the National Electrical Manufacturer's Association (NEMA) now has a standard for installing spray polyurethane foam in conjunction with recessed lighting. He also explained that the technical documents themselves have been renamed, reformatted, and professionally edited in an effort to make them more streamlined and user-friendly.


Mason Knowles (Mason Knowles Consulting, LLC), the Chair of the Consultant's Committee, explained the demographics and function of the newly created committee. Comprised of those who "do not manufacture, sell, or produce foam, but are involved in the industry," the consultants serve as a "brain trust" working with the technical committees to advance the industry.

Bonnie Strickler (Puff, Inc.), the Chair of the Professional Spray Foam Certification Program (PCP) Committee, reported on the numbers of people registering to become certified SPF technicians. During SprayFoam 2016 alone, over 98 written exams and 52 field exams were administered.

Mac Sheldon (Sheldon Consulting, LLC), the Chair of the Marketing Committee, gave a partial summary of the many publications in which SPFA members have been published. He noted that articles detailing successful projects or explaining the technology help further the industry.

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The Industry Workhorse award was given to Joe Bolduc (MASCO Contractor Services), the Chair of the Safety Committee.

The convention's Premier Sponsors were again given time to speak, including, Peter Davis (Gaco Western), Shani Calvo (Naylor), Sean Mears (CertainTeed), Joyce Wallace (Chemours), and SprayFoam.com's own Jen Kramer.

Following the General Session, attendees again had a full day of Breakout Sessions to attend. Topics varied from business advice, "How to Grow Your Retrofit Business," to the technical, " Understanding new Acceptance Criteria of Thermal and Ignition Barriers over SPF." There were even sessions designed to translate the governmental alphabet soup, "Federal Agencies Update EPA and OSHA."


From the sessions, attendees progressed to the exhibit hall where vendors waited to discuss the latest in spray foam technology.

At the end of a full day, it was time for the Closing Dinner. A final opportunity for socializing, the dinner featured acrobatic entertainers and a raffle for prizes including an iPad and a flat screen TV.

Sprayfoam 2017 will be held January 29 to February 1, 2017 in Palm Springs, California. See you there!

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