Polyurea University Announces Training Schools for Summer/Fall

Polyurea University Announces Training Schools for Summer/Fall

KANSAS CITY, KS – May 27, 2016 – VersaFlex’s Polyurea University has recently announced Training Schools for Summer and Fall of 2016, including the ever popular Polyurea Bootcamp: all seven courses offered in a two week period starting in mid October.

Originally designed for overseas applicants to combat the difficulty of travelling to the school multiple times a year, the Polyurea Bootcamp has been opened to students from all locations. It is one of the most sought after training schools offered in the industry, as it can take students from novices to Qualified Professional Applicators and Qualified Polyurea Inspectors in a very short period of time. More details below.

June 13th – June 15th: Products, Fundamentals, Project Specifications

Classes: Polyurea Products, Fundamentals, Project Specification

Degree: Basic Materials Degree

Location: Houston Campus

Course Description | Register Online | Prices

 August 1st – August 5th: Qualified Spray Applicator

Classes: Polyurea Products, Fundamentals, Polyurea Spray Applicator

Degree: Qualified Polyurea Applicator

Location: Houston Campus

Course Description | Register Online | Prices

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 October 17th – October 28th: Polyurea Bootcamp

Classes: Polyurea Products, Fundamentals, Polyurea Spray Applicator, Surface Preparation for the Polyurea Applicator, Project Specifications, Advanced Polyurea Applicator, Polyurea Inspector

Degree: Basic Materials Degree, Qualified Polyurea Applicator, Qualified Polyurea Professional, Master Polyurea Applicator*

Location: Houston Campus

Can pick and choose classes, take just one class, or take all classes

Course Description | Register Online | Prices

Certificate of completion provided for each class completed.

*Master Polyurea Applicator degree requires submission of 3 Job Log Profile forms from recent jobs and proof of valid Inspector Certification from SSPC, NACE, or equivalent.

Polyurea University has Beginner and Advanced Training Classes nearly every month. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Houston Training Facility and Technical Center

9777 West Gulf Bank
Houston, TX 77040

Call us toll free: 1-866-571-0684

Map and Directions

Kansas City Headquarters

Call Toll Free: 800.321.0906 or 913.321.9000

686 S. Adams Street

Kansas City, KS 66105

About VersaFlex Incorporated: VersaFlex Incorporated formulates, manufactures and supplies pure polyurea coatings, liners and joint fill sealants for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and maintenance environments. VersaFlex is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System compliant for both Polyurea Coating Manufacturing and Design. VersaFlex is a proud supporter of Polyurea.com and endorses quality hands on polyurea training through the Polyurea University in Houston Texas.

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