Not all Closed-Cell Products are Created Equal

Not all Closed-Cell Products are Created Equal
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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Closed-cell spray foam insulation dates back several decades, and has evolved with continuous advancements in materials, technologies, and applications. Elastochem has been at the forefront, producing high-performance spray foam insulation for nearly three decades. Established in the mid-1980s, the company's origins are deeply rooted in the areas of chemistry and innovation.

Elastochem has established itself as a leader in emerging technologies and building enclosure solutions and brings to market a wide offering of unique spray polyurethane products. With a focused portfolio and an automated production facility, there is no guesswork in ensuring high quality product manufacturing. Batches are trialed and tested to ensure products meet the established specifications and exceed customer expectations with each drum.

The star in the Elastochem portfolio is Insulthane Extreme (HFO), a leader in closed-cell spray foam and one of the earliest HFO spray foams launched globally. By embracing the HFO blowing agent early on, Elastochem has amassed years of experience in formulating a high-quality, easy-to-spray product. Contractors compare Insulthane Extreme to its HFC counterparts and declare that it is likely the closest a sprayer will get to spraying like the older HFC based products. It boasts:

  • A high yield averaging over 4,500 brd ft per set
  • A leading R-value at R - 7.4
  • Is a high lift product*
  • Has outstanding adhesion – especially in winter (being from Canada they know how to create products that perform in extremely cold weather).  

Elastochem products are formulated with the goal of maximizing the amount of recycled material that can be used. By diverting plastic bottles from landfills and integrating them into spray foam insulation, a typical home can repurpose up to 6,000 plastic bottles. Elastochem annually transforms over 220 million plastic bottles into energy efficient SPF (

In addition to its high-performance portfolio, Elastochem values excellence in customer service, technical support, and training. As a family-owned company, Elastochem values getting to know their customers’ business needs, goals, and priorities to help support their continued growth.  

When it comes to consistent performance, you can always rely on Elastochem’s top-of-the-line products. Products are available in Canada and NOW in the U.S.  

*High lift products only available in the U.S.

For more information or to have a conversation contact Elastochem at 1-877-787-2436 or visit their website and fill in the contact form at

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