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SPRAY FOAM MAGAZINE – Dale Hill founded Big D's Fencing and Pole Barns in 1998 after he returned home from military service. This successful company is situated in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the home of the world’s largest outdoor rodeo the "Cheyenne Frontier Days and Rodeo.” At first, Hill solely specialized in fences, and it was through this work that he soon realized many of his clients wanted pole barns built as well. Always up for a challenge, Hill built his first pole framed building and it didn’t take him long to realize that he was good at it.

Developed in the 1930s as a basic pole barn structure, the designs have become increasingly sophisticated with improved technology. Traditionally a pole barn was a building used for agricultural purposes. However, these days, they are often referred to as post-frame constructions, and they are used for all kinds of purposes. Their extreme popularity is due to their durable yet affordable price, with some of the modern uses for them including homes, garages, pool houses and barns.

In 2020, Dale expanded the business with his son, Bryan, and Jordan Colbert. Their partnership has progressed the company into its next successful stage with the same fundamental principles that started the business. These values are great customer service, quality materials and supreme workmanship. They also recognize their continued success is helped by their marvelous employees and their meticulous attention to detail. Through hard work and determination, he quickly became the largest pole barn builder in the Cheyenne area. Many of these pole barns required insulation and Hill knew that closed-cell foam was a superior insulator and perfect for Cheyenne’s hot summers and freezing winters. So Hill hired local spray foam contractors to do several of his barns. Unfortunately, he experienced some unreliability and quality issues with some of these contractors. Two years ago Hill came up with a solution, he decided to start his own spray foam business and called it Big D’s Quality Spray Foam. His objective: To provide a dependable and superior spray foam business in the Cheyenne area.

When researching spray foam, he came across Profoam, a renowned spray foam and equipment supplier. Hill explained, “Jordan Cook, a representative of Profoam came to visit us and helped us on-site. He has taught us everything we know about spray foam. I even bought my rig from Profoam. I must applaud them for the simple fact that I could not have done this without them. I knew that spray foam was a good product, but I was clueless until they educated me on everything from the foam to the equipment. They have taught me and my team so much and are always there for us.”

Hill started installing an NCFI closed-cell SPF for his pole barn clients and his work was soon recognized by word of mouth launching Hill into more residential projects. He currently has one rig with a PMC PH2 and is considering adding a second rig to his fleet. One rig will primarily service his pole barn company, and one rig will service all the needs of the Cheyenne, WY area.

Big D’s Quality Spray Foam currently has four employees, with future expansion plans. Hill is an active member of the local community. His company’s ethos is to “Treat our customers as you wish to be treated,” and Hill is a great believer that customer service coupled with excellent work is your greatest advertisement. Hill emphasizes, “Our clients are our boss, we work for them, and when we do a good job, they will naturally spread the word. We want to keep on performing to the highest standard and therefore doing good for our community. That is what makes a company succeed, excellence, respect, and community.”  

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TOP: The team uses a lift in order to install SPF in the ceiling of this facility; BOTTOM: Two inches of SPF help restore the building envelope of an 1800s-era Wyoming Ranch barn.

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