Lapolla Notes Spray Foam Education Is Key to Success

Lapolla Notes Spray Foam Education Is Key to Success
HOUSTON, TX – June 20, 2016 – Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is becoming more accepted among homeowners, but is experiencing relatively modest growth among the commercial sector. To combat this, forward-thinking industry leaders are reaching out to spec writers in a bid to educate them on the cutting-edge, high-performance benefits of SPF. After all, the key to successful inclusion in project bids is education – not only consumer-based education, but also education for the architects and engineers who draft the specifications for large-scale projects. Spray Foam Magazine recently sat down with Lapolla Industries to discuss the need for education and how they are leading the charge to inform and diversify the SPF industry. In an outreach effort, they have hired Nick Skadberg, as Engineering Department Manager. An energy engineer, Skadberg provides SPF guidance, explaining the nuances of SPF to those who may be more familiar with conventional forms of insulation.

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