IFTI Goes Above and Beyond Building Code Requirements

IFTI Goes Above and Beyond Building Code Requirements
IRVINE, CA – December 22, 2015 – Since occupant safety is an inherent component of good stewardship in the construction industry, building codes continuously grow more and more stringent as time moves forward. It is imperative that building product manufacturers comply with building codes if they intend to have their product utilized in the field. In the case of fire-protective intumescent coatings that are applied to spray polyurethane foam insulation, fire testing is of the utmost importance. SPF is required to meet standardized criteria and be “listed or marked” by a certified third-party inspection and auditor to comply with codes. Simply stated, they must prove via third party audits that the product they are shipping is the product that was tested. But what about fire-protective coatings that are applied as thermal or ignition barriers over foam insulation? Is there acceptance criteria for intumescent coatings that coating manufacturers need to adhere to? Thanks to the efforts of companies like International Fireproof Technologies, Inc (IFTI), now there can be.

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