FireShell® Coating - Worlds first I.B.C. Compliant Thermal Barrier Coating for Spray Foam Insulation

August 12, 2008 - Waterbury, CT - Continuing it’s string of revolutionary ‘industry first’ coatings, TPR2 Corporation has introduced the first UTF(Ultra thin film) paint-on thermal barrier for urethane foam to successfully pass the IBC compliant NFPA 286 ‘full scale’ Room Fire Test.

The NFPA 286, fifteen minute, closed room test was conducted by Intertek Laboratories using a mere 16 mils of the FireShell® Thermal Barrier coating applied by airless sprayer to the polyurethane foam insulated (wood studded) walls and ceiling. 

NFPA 286 is a full-scale room corner test specifically called out in the IBC codes. This product allows polyurethane foam insulation to meet IBC codes for thermal barriers with nothing more than this revolutionary coating.  This FireShell® coating, in combination with spray foam, meets International Building Codes sections 803.2 and 2603.9.

According to the coating's manufacturer, TPR2, from Waterbury, CT, this is the first and only coating to pass NFPA 286 and meet the IBC requirements for foam insulation. Thus, this new FireShell® product can provide significant opportunity for foam contractors and the foam systems industry.

Peter Gummo, President of TPR2, believes "providing an affordable, and easily applied, IBC compliant thermal barrier over spray foam insulation allows us to offer a major value-added enhancement to the urethane foam insulation sprayer and systems manufacturer.  It will allow them expanded market penetration over other more cumbersome, less effective, environmentally unfriendly and expensive solutions as well as other less effective insulation systems.”

FireShell®, a green, water based, ultra thin film, one component coating, is easily applied with airless spray equipment, brush or roller; eliminating the need for expensive application equipment and provides the building owner with an aesthetically pleasing form of fire protection. Due to the widespread adoption potential, expanded distributor applications are also being entertained.

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