Quik-Shield 108: Too Many Benefits for One Video

Quik-Shield 108: Too Many Benefits for One Video

MESA, AZ – March 17, 2016 – SWD Urethane, a spray polyurethane foam manufacturer, will release a series of videos pertaining to their newest breakthrough technology in open-cell SPF formulation: Quik-Shield 108.  The features and benefits are like nothing you’ve ever seen in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

Furthermore, the series of upcoming videos will demonstrate:

  • How to increase job efficiency by 20% or more
  • How to increase jobsite safety  by eliminating the need for ladders and scaffolding
  • How to get 25% greater yield over traditional open-cell products
  • How to dramatically speed up the time it takes to train new applicators and get them to deliver a professional-looking installation
  • How to become more competitive in the bidding process to convert fiberglass-specified jobs into more spray foam jobs

“Quik-Shield 108 can do things that have never been done before with foam, and that’s why we are making these enlightening videos,” said Alison Scott-Bull, Vice President Sales for SWD Urethane. “We want to make sure that contractors are getting the full-potential out of this amazing product.  Quik-Shield 108 has so many beneficial features and it doesn’t take much to maximize them.”

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Game-Changing Foam

The first video that SWD Urethane has released (see below) serves as a well-rounded introduction of Quik-Shield 108 to the spray foam industry. At a nominal 0.4 lbs./cu. ft. Quik-Shield 108 is the first Ultra-Low Density product to hit the spray foam market, and the video describes the unique benefits of this type of formulation. These benefits include a 25% greater yield over traditional open-cell spray foams, which allows contractors to be more competitive by reducing their material cost. The video also provides, in detail, Quik-Shield 108’s advantageous features, such as its 360? cavity fill and ability to be applied to stud walls and ceilings at long-range.

Be sure to stay tuned to SprayFoam.com for SWD Urethane’s next, exclusive video, which will provide further information as to why spray foam contractors should switch to Quik-Shield 108 now.

About SWD Urethane:
SWD Urethane is a leading supplier of spray polyurethane foam, manufacturing over 100 types of polyurethane foams and polyurea coatings. From 2014 – 2016, SWD has helped its contractors win 26 out of 60 SPFA Industry Excellence Awards. SWD has been in business since 1972, and they are one of the fastest-growing spray foam suppliers in the industry. SWD president, Jim Perkins, is also the chairman of the Spray Foam Coalition, a key trade organization for spray foam suppliers.

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