PRODUCT UPDATE: Spray Foam Robot

PRODUCT UPDATE: Spray Foam Robot

Spray Foam News – June 5th, 2023 – As Spray Foam Magazine first reported on the QBot in our 2022 Show Issue, its popularity is growing and supported by the town of Watford, UK for the goal of a net zero town by 2030.

This innovative product - known as the 'QBot' - is a game-changer in the insulation industry, as it can handle even the most challenging spaces with ease. Its design allows the remote-controlled robot to manoeuvre through tight spaces and around obstacles, making it ideal for retrofitting old homes and buildings with insulation.

The council are supporting the insulation with a range of grants and loan options aimed at helping residents to keep warm, save money and reduce their carbon. Details about the councils grants and loans and of how to apply can be found at:

The QBot is also equipped with sensors that ensure accurate and even application of foam insulation, resulting in improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills for homeowners and building owners. This work is part of the council’s work to bring about a net zero carbon town by 2030 or earlier – 20 whole years ahead of the Government’s national legal target.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: “Amid rising concerns over increasing energy costs, this kind of technology offers significant benefits. Its insulation solution can potentially reduce floor heat loss by up to 80%, leading to improved energy efficiency ratings and offsetting the rise in energy bills.”

Cllr Ian Stotesbury, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Sustainability, said: “We are committed to supporting homes where the robot could be used, and we invite residents across Watford to contact us to learn more about our heating and insulation measures, which can help improve the energy efficiency of their homes.”

As the world continues to tackle climate change, initiatives like improved energy efficiency schemes will play an increasingly important role in reducing carbon emissions and building sustainable communities. You can find out more about what the council is doing – including its target to net zero carbon town by 2030 or earlier at

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